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ISTE 2018: Career Village Is Like A Global Career Day

careervillage-top-iste2018 ISTE 2018: Career Village Is Like A Global Career DayCareerVillage Crowd Sources All Of The Jobs

Imagine if you had access to someone with every single job in the world. Imagine if your school could host a global career day and you had a way for your students to learn about every job from biochemist to dog groomer, xray technician to archeologist and everything in between. This particular career day would talk the entire school year, but it would be very worth it.

School and even higher education have changed dramatically in the last few decades. In the 1980s career readiness meant home economics classes, pre-nursing classes and an automotive shop. Today, career readiness encompasses STEM careers, creative careers, professional careers and trade careers. With this many different types of careers, students at all ages and grade levels need access to information on those careers. CareerVillage has created an amazing platform that gives students and teachers access to the widest range of careers. It’s like a virtual, online, crowdsourced, global career day.

CareerVillage is set up as the ultimate FAQ or Quora for kids and students to ask anyone of over 10,000 volunteer professionals questions about their chosen career. Students can ask anything to any of the volunteer professionals and the professionals love talking with the students and giving them advice on the careers they have chosen.

For example a sixth grader could ask a professional firefighter what their career trajectory would be if they went into professional firefighting. A tenth grader who loves to sing could ask a musician about the music business itself.

Over 2.5 million learners have been served with over 8000 career topics and 10,000 professional volunteers. CareerVillage is doing an amazing thing for teachers, who love to get questions answered for their students about careers they may not know about. Professionals are getting a chance to interact with the future and students are getting their questions answered by people really in the field. It’s almost like grass roots mentorship.

Checkout CareerVillage in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavillion at ISTE 2018, in Chicago, June 24-28th booth #1644 and online at careervillage.org

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