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ISTE 2018 Preview: CEF Furniture Is Designed by Kids and Teachers

cef-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: CEF Furniture Is Designed by Kids and TeachersFrom The Furniture Capital Of The World, Comes School and Maker Space Furniture Designed By Kids.

Some educational furniture companies like to say that they’ve consulted teachers and students when designing their furniture. That may be a conversation or two at a trade show or maybe the company has showed up at a school to get a days worth of feedback from students using desks and chairs. But for more of these companies, at the end of the day, they design what they want instead of what teachers and students need.

For CEF Furniture, from North Carolina, the capital of furniture in the United States, consulting with kids to design their furniture is an everyday part of the design process, day in, day out, on every product, every time. CEF listens to kids and students that will be sitting in their furniture or using it to create or solve the next big math equations. They talk to teachers about the best ways to store maker space supplies. They want to know where a stool should go at the end of the school day so that the classroom looks clean and tidy and the students aren’t stubbing their toes on them.

Most of the furniture made by CEF Furniture and designed by kids is all about collaboration. How many kids can slide across this table to watch the one kid at the end of it? Can the students hang up glue guns and spools of PYA filament? Can they reach the 3D printer? Can they put their sphero balls back on their own? This is Generation Z we’re talking about and they’re all about independent collaboration (now there’s an oxymoron for you).

What you won’t see with CEF Furniture is a bunch of furniture made for call center workers and dusted over in pastel colors. From stools to storage, white boards to desks, CEF knows kids, teachers and furniture.

See the difference it makes when a kid is actually involved in the design process with CEF Furniture at ISTE 2018. June 24-28th, booth #2530 and online at cefinc.com

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