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ISTE 2017: ClassTag = Communication For All Parents

bISTEAd_s1_06017-728x90-1 ISTE 2017: ClassTag = Communication For All ParentsISTE 17: ClassTag Announces New Features Keep Parents Up To Date With Contextual Actionable Suggestions From It’s Smart Assistant.

classtag-top ISTE 2017: ClassTag = Communication For All Parents

ClassTag, the school and parent communication platform knows just how important it is that every single message reaches every single parent or guardian. The ClassTag app is a feature packed app that allows 1:1 communication between parents and teachers, but it also insures that important information makes it home.

ClassTag has built a platform that has all the routine communications for teachers built right in. They know that parents and teachers are very busy, but they also know how important communication is to both sides.  classtag keeps a roster of all a teacher’s students and their parents. From there a teacher can elect to send an email to every parent in the class, like a field trip reminder, or a reminder that school dismisses early on Friday.

The ClassTag app is more than just messaging. Teachers can set up events and event reminders, calls for volunteers and even newsletters. ClassTag’s proprietary software allows teachers to send a weekly or monthly newsletter containing the content they sent out to all of the parents during that time period. This means even creating a newsletter is a quick process. Parents love the newsletters and information generated using ClassTag

bloxles2-e1498446454335 ISTE 2017: ClassTag = Communication For All ParentsThe ClassTag app gets rave reviews from parents and teachers alike. But they can’t discount the fact that 13% of United States adults just don’t use the Internet. Also, in many areas families may not have access to the Internet. Those families are without the ability to check the ClassTag app.

That’s why at ISTE 2017 ClassTag announced they have integrated printing to its intelligent multi-channel communication suite to support reaching all parents wherever they are. Supporting the web, mobile app, SMS and printed messages for children’s backpack. This means the students who’s parents don’t have access, don’t miss the important information.

“Adding more apps to the mix won’t work because we simply don’t have 100% internet penetration. If we rely on email and websites alone, we are accepting that someone will be left out,” Vlada Lotkina, ClassTag CEO said in a statement. “Our solution is an all-in-one platform for managing everything from contact accuracy to identifying the gaps in parent engagement and proactively managing them, across online and offline communication channels.”

ClassTag’s new feature gives teachers smart, actionable alerts and recommendations. If a family isn’t being reached via email or mobile app, the chatbot-inspired assistant will recommend printing a personalized paper copy of announcements, reminders and schedules to be sent home in children’s backpacks to those harder-to-reach parents. ClassTag intelligently produces personalized communication to each and every parent, no matter what their preferred communication channel. Reaching non-English speaking parents will also become much easier thanks to new translation functionality to be released later this summer.

As Danielle Fugazzi, a kindergarten teacher, puts it: “My main challenge is to reach all parents and get them to respond. Too often teachers engage the same families over and over, but those that need this connection the most seem to be missing out. ClassTag understood the very heart of the issue and giving me the opportunity to confidently reach all families and print out the personalized newsletters and announcements for parents who aren’t online or who don’t regularly read their emails.”

“We developed this functionality based on our users’ feedback to help them with the everyday struggles every teacher faces. ClassTag now acts like an assistant who spots missing connections and automatically provides actionable recommendations, taking the guesswork out of engagement and making the mission of reaching 100% of parents possible,” says Lotkina.


You can check out ClassTag at ISTE 2017, booth #664 and online at