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ISTE 2017: Write Code, Catch Bananas, Save The World With CodeMonkey

ISTE 17: Israeli EdTech Startup CodeMonkey Studios, Is Actually Teaching Kids To Code

codemonkey-top ISTE 2017: Write Code, Catch Bananas, Save The World With CodeMonkey

There are a lot of companies out there that are bringing games and other platforms to market, designed to teach kids to code. But most of them are using an interface that makes it possible to create software and games by dragging and dropping already made blocks.

CodeMonkey uses CoffeeScript to teach kids how to code and build their own HTML5 games. After spending time coding the CodeMonkey game kids will already know the basics to coding in CoffeeScript. It will be a lot easier for them to turn that knowledge into their own new games and apps.

Witch CodeMonkey the monkey needs to get as many bananas as possible, and do it in a variety of ways. Rather than using a mouse or joystick, students need to code their way to each banana. To achieve this students see the coding portion on one side of the screen and the monkey on the other. This means that students can see the direct correlation between the code they are writing and what the monkey does.

Teacher’s don’t need any coding experience to teach using CodeMonkey. The game comes with a curriculum guide featuring nearly 50 detailed lesson plans with online and offline activities. Everything comes together in a dashboard where teachers can monitor a students progress and even take examples from each students code and share it with the class. The directions are easy enough that the teacher can learn alongside his or her students.

“I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to use CodeMonkey, I think it’s the best that I’ve seen. The lesson plans with the online and offline activities are really good, It made it easy for the children to understand our goals.” Katarina Lantz-Dretnik a teacher in the UK said. 

Try Code Monkey out for yourself at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #1054 and online at