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ISTE 2017: What Can You Do With STEM Skills? Couragion Has The Answer

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: What Can You Do With STEM Skills? Couragion Has The AnswerISTE 17: Couragion Teaches Students About Careers In STEM Through An Innovative Platform

Couragion-ISTE-2017-Top ISTE 2017: What Can You Do With STEM Skills? Couragion Has The Answer

Couragion offers an innovative platform that teaches kids what careers they can choose with STEM skills. While STEAM and STEM have been the buzzwords for quite a few years, the folks at Couragion are solving a problem that’s been around for decades. The “WTF am I going to use algebra for in the real world” question. It’s not just algebra, it’s really any class subject with roots in STEM, and you guessed it just about every profession can somehow be traced back to STEM.

Couragion uses an app packed with videos, games and self reflection quizzes to answer this very important question. They use real role models in various professions to open students minds to the opportunities available to them in science, technology, engineering and math.

Now on the surface there are the obvious careers, math teacher, scientist, engineer, that’s where kids minds go immediately. But what about a park ranger? While on the surface kids may understand what a park ranger does but they may not realize just how much science is actually out there. All of the animals, trees and other wildlife are science. In the lesson the park ranger teachers peple about nesting owls and pollination. She uses technology as a means to communicate or in the form of GPS in order to track wildlife movements or help people lost in the forest.

Couragion is way more than just a collection of role model videos. When first being introduced to the app, students will create profile that gets them thinking about the job characteristics and work environments that are most attractive to them. After the video there are fact packs that highlight each career’s job outlook,  sample tasks, technology used, median salary and educational requirements. Games and quizzes assess the students grasp of each career lesson and then a career maps provide students with an overview of the careers that best fit their interests and values.

Really, when you pull back the onion on most professional careers, most of them can be traced back to STEM skills. Couragion knows that and they also know that one of the best ways to answer that old WTF question, is to show the students and give them activities to do that demonstrate the Science Technology Engineering and Math in every profession.

Check out Couragion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, at the EdTech Startup Pavilion, booth #2132 and online at 

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