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ISTE 2017: If It’s Technology For STEM and Students, It’s At Eduporium

ISTE 17: Eduporium Is An EdTech Superstore For Robotics, 3D Printing, VR, Coding Kits and More

eduporium-top ISTE 2017: If It's Technology For STEM and Students, It's At Eduporium

If there’s an edtech product on the market designed to enrich student lives through STEM/STEAM chances are you’ll find it at Eduporium. The online super store is a one-stop shop for everything from Ozobots, to Oculus Rift, Kano to Sphero, Wonder Workshop to Snap Circuits and everything in between. The handpicked, curated site, is the gateway to bring kids and classrooms into the 21st century.

Eduporium is way more than just an online store. They know that maker spaces, virtual reality, robotics, coding, computers and other technologies are the driving force behind the scientists, innovators, inventors, creators and entrepreneurs of the future. Eduporium strives to provide experiences for students that will help them build skills, hone their imaginations and help make them real world problem solvers, but it starts with getting technology in the classroom.

The company is committed to making technology accessible to students everywhere through a variety of programs and partnerships. They also make sure that each teacher, school and district is buying the right equipment for their needs. They sell technology products in bundles and a la carte.

eduporium-ss-2 ISTE 2017: If It's Technology For STEM and Students, It's At Eduporium“Our mission is to get beneficial technology into the hands of students, so they can discover new subjects and learn in a new way.” Eduporium’s President, Rick Fredkin told  The Bay State Banner.

Fredkin, a Boston based technologist and entrepreneur, created Eduporium to serve a need that arose as technology in education grew. More and more companies were creating awesome products but they didn’t have a pipeline directly to schools. Eduporium was able to become that pipeline. Now, teachers, administrators and district officers that are familiar with Eduporium can turn to them for any of  their technology needs.

But it goes well beyond just ordering the latest Makey Makey kit online. Educators can work with Eduporium staff to come up with custom bundles and packages that align with their learning goals. For instance, if a class of 30 students in Boise Idaho wanted to have a concert of keyboards made entirely of fruits and vegetables, they could consult with Eduporium who would put together all of the sensors, and Makey Makey’s needed to do just that (the school would have to get the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store).

Try it before you buy it

Technology in the classroom can be an expensive expenditure. Regardless of a school or district’s budget, actually buying new products of any kind can be a long and exhaustive process. Eduporium knows that schools can’t afford to make that purchase just to find out the products were the wrong fit for their situation. That’s why they created the Tech Lending Library. Educators can rent a wide variety of the products sold at Eduporium for a small fee and if they like the product, convert it to a purchase. For example a Makey Makey kit is $49.95 and rents for just $4.00 per day.  This assures the teachers and Eduporium that the product was the right fit.

Eduporium will be at ISTE 2017 and set up a literal playground of some of the latest technology from Kano, littleBits, Ozobot and more. Check them out in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #1763 and online at