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Firia Labs Will Help You Graduate Your Students From Blocks To Real Coding

firialabs-iste2018-top Firia Labs Will Help You Graduate Your Students From Blocks To Real CodingISTE 2018 Preview: Firia Labs Uses The Microbit To Blend Physical Computing With Text Based Coding, In CodeSpace

In 2014 there was a big push for teaching coding in school. After all coding is the key to many careers that today’s students will be looking at as they graduate both high school and college. Over the following four years and handful of companies and products surfaced that teach students coding with pretty colors and vibrant eye-popping art. Many of this coding happens either an entirely online, on device environment, or with some kind of robot.

The folks at Firia Labs know there’s way more to teaching and understanding coding than a cool robot and some pretty characters on a website. There’s a lot more to coding than Minecraft hacks. But they also know learning to code can be a cumbersome process if not done correctly.

Firia Labs combines the learning to code process with actual physical hardware in the form of the Microbit, the small, programmable, expandable computer introduced in the UK and now solidly found in the United States.

firialabs-2 Firia Labs Will Help You Graduate Your Students From Blocks To Real CodingCoding teaches kids how to go from point a to point be and problem solve, the problem is many students using other coding environments and platforms don’t actually see the problems being solved. With CodeSpace by Firia Labs students have a more realistic view of coding and computer science. They learn what happens in the real world as they change things in their code. They also do it with Python, a text based coding language employed by thousands of programmers and institutions worldwide.

Firia Labs skips over the block programming found in just about every other coding product. They also start with the raw Microbit rather than a robot or even a DIY computer kit, giving students a much more authentic experience.

CodeSpace actually immerses students in ways no other coding platform can.

“One of the hardest things to teach students is perseverance. A lot of my students just want everything handed to them. With CodeSpace, not only is perseverance embedded, but the students WANT to work through their problems. They don’t think of it as work at all. When the bell rings and it’s time to go, they groan and ask if they can stay and keep working. All my students, from the brightest, most hardworking, to the struggling students, come to class eager to work in CodeSpace…”Amber Merrill a middle school computer science teacher said. 

Give your students a jumpstart into what coding is really like with CodeSpace by Firia Labs. Find out more at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1488 and online at firialabs.com 

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