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Focus 1 By Brain Co Can Tell You How Focused Your Students Are

brainco-focusedu-iste2018-top Focus 1 By Brain Co Can Tell You How Focused Your Students AreISTE 2018 Preview: With Hardware And Software From BrainCo You Can Keep Your Students Focused

One of the hardest things to measure is just how engaged your students are. Are they nodding off, are they staring off into space, are they looking at you but not hearing you. How focused are your students, really?

Assessment platforms can’t provide this data neither can the most complex learning management systems. But new technology, developed at Harvard University, can.

The Focus 1 Headband is the first brain sensing device that provides the user or their teacher real time feedback on the attention level of whoever is wearing the headband. This is the first platform ever, to provide educators qualitative data to help improve teaching skills and keep students engaged.

Focus EDU is BrainCo’s education product designed for an entire class to wear. Using the Focus EDU headset teachers can quickly determine whether students are paying attention or not, with realtime feedback. Teachers can adjust their teaching style or work with students 1:1 on better ways to pay attention.

Professional Development

PD is one of the biggest things when it comes to teachers and educators. Focus EDU provides real time feedback of the students wearing the headsets but the feedback provided to the teacher and then the administrator can help teachers develop better teaching styles or lesson plans. When teachers or administrators can combine the power of Focus EDU and a teacher observation platform like SWIVL, administrators and educational coaches can quickly see where teachers are losing their students’ focus.

The data from Focus EDU can also be extrapolated and shared with parents and students so they can see what makes their student pay attention better. The Focus EDU system from BrainCo is bringing unparalleled access not just into the brain of the students but into the classroom and even the school as well.

See the future of focus development and professional development in the AT&T EdTech Startup pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1644 and online at brainco.tech

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