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ISTE 2018: Genius Plaza Is Democratizing Education For All

geniusplaza-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Genius Plaza Is Democratizing Education For AllEducation Should Be Accessible To All, That’s The Foundation Genius Plaza is Built On.

As technology improves education in most schools across the country there is still the elephant in the room when it comes to equal opportunities in education.

Case in point, look at some of our largest school districts in the country like New York City Public Schools, LA Unified School District and Broward County. In those counties you have some of the richest and the poorest schools in the country, all in the same district. It’s a fact of life in woven into the fabric of America. But that shouldn’t mean access is limited when it comes to education.

This large disparity in the quality of education is attributed to socioeconomic conditions as well as the demographics of the school district and the communities for which they serve.

We want all of the kids in America to learn, grow and develop into world changing adults. While everyone has the best intentions, there are several districts that come up short.  Rather than sweeping that under the rug, Genius Plaza has a platform that provides equal accessibility to it’s standards aligned curriculum. It’s the first truly bilingual edtech platform for students.

Genius Plaza is an education platform dedicated to democratizing education. They offer literally thousands of activities and resources for parents and teachers across math, language arts and science. Their entire platform is bilingual. The company’s entire ethos is diversity, intentional diversity from the top down.

The Genius Plaza product is designed to offer unparalleled and uninterrupted equal access to education for students, regardless of their background, heritage, or ability.

The company’s “genius centered approach” relies heavily on four main ideas; learn, reflect, re-teach and peer review. All unique in their own right, but when put together the learner grasps a better understanding of the concepts being taught.

  • Learn: Students learn from their educators and from the many resources available in the Genius Plaza Learning Bank.
  • Reflect: Every Genius Plaza resource gives students the opportunity to reflect with comments and reviews.
  • Re-teach: Students take ownership of the lesson by using our co-creation tools to re-teach the skills using their unique creativity. This is when the magic happens!
  • Peer review: Once co-creations are completed, students reflect on each other’s work by adding comments and/or votes to the best game, video, eBook, or worksheet. This means: repetition, critical thinking, and mastery!

Genius Plaza has expanded its reach to close the academic achievement gap among students across the globe. Genius Plaza was created by a diverse group of educators, programmers, designers, and leaders who believe that education is the only sustainable development vehicle that is available to all, with access as the only barrier.” the company says on their website.

This is driven by the Ana Roca Castro, Genius Plaza’s founder and CEO and the intentionally diverse team she has assembled. In a medium post by Ellen Pao, a true champion of diversity in the startup space, Castro talks about real discrimination she saw as a student and as a professional. “When I first came to this country teachers did not realize how advanced I was in math because of my accent,” she told Pao.

Growing up as a Latina student Castro knows that kids don’t even realize it when they’re being stereotyped or denied access to the same resources that other students have.

Genius Plaza is making huge strides when it comes to diversity. Find out more at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #844 and online at geniusplaza.com

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