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ISTE 2018 Preview: Accelerate Your 1:1 Deployment With Go-Box

go-box-iste-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Accelerate Your 1:1 Deployment With Go-BoxGo-Box Speeds Up Your Chromebook Deployment and Lets Schools and Districts Handle It In House

Thousands of schools and districts across the country are moving towards 1:1 device initiatives with plenty more planning for implementation in the next school year.

The decision to move to a 1:1 device initiative has many benefits across the board. A 1:1 initiative means that all students can be on the same page and learning at the same time. Even where school’s use a BYOD initiative, 1:1 makes life for teachers, students, administrators and IT departments much smoother.

The biggest hurdle to a 1:1 device program is pulling the trigger itself. Beyond that though implementation becomes a challenge. School districts are often forced to turn to costly white glove service, which quickly adds up.  There’s an alternative to traditional white glove service, called Go-Box.

Go Box Chrome allows IT departments to rapidly provision up to 16 Chromebooks at a time per unit. It’s all done in a few simple steps, easy enough your principal’s could even do it.

With Go-Box Chrome you simply turn the device on. Then you log on to their web application and set up your specific provisioning. After a few little tweaks here and there and you’re sure you have the perfect setup for your teachers and students, you simply plug 16 Chromebooks into the Go-Box Chrome and you’re off to the races. In a matter of minutes each of your Chromebooks is provisioned exactly alike.

Go-Box Chrome makes it a breeze to enroll as many units as you need, all exactly the same. If you have a complex wifi network no worries Go-Box Chrome can configure any wireless network automatically, including proxy pages.

Go-Box Chrome is compatible with all of the latest and popular Chromebook models from; HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and even Hisense.  It’s easy, fast and gives your fingers a much needed rest.

You can find out more about Go-Box Chrome at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-27th in Chicago. You can also visit go-box.com

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