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ISTE 2017 Preview: And The Worksheet Goes Boom! With Boom Learning

Kirkland Startup BoomLearning Is The Teacher Custom Worksheet In Today’s Connected Classroom

Boomlearning-top ISTE 2017 Preview: And The Worksheet Goes Boom! With Boom Learning

I may date myself here so bear with me. I remember the days in elementary school waiting for those “eye opener” worksheets to crank out of the ditto machine. Partly because I liked to do these worksheets my teachers spent hours working on, partly because we love the smell of that purple ditto ink.

School systems everywhere have moved away from ditto machines, xerox machines, paper and pencil. Now it’a all about devices. Those devices look like Chromebooks, tablets and phones.

Teachers everywhere are inundated with new content and delivery platforms, curriculum and more. The exhibition hall at ISTE 2017 will be chalk filled with these kinds of options. But what about teachers that want to create fun little exercises like those eye openers from the good old days. What about teachers that want to create mini apps that are consistent to what the students are learning in their class in the style the teacher is teaching them.

For those kinds things there’s Boom Learning.

Founded by Mary Heuett Oemig and Eric Oemig, makes it easy for teachers to create mini-apps, and digital work sheets on their own, in minutes. There are drag and drop tools to make content creation a cinch and teachers can create their own content.

“Boom allows teachers to unleash their design talent. I love how teachers are finding new ways to use the tools, and how the platform is evolving with their suggestions.”  Boom Learning advisor, Rachel Lynette told 

Boom Learning is also perfect for parents with home school students. Even the least tech savvy of home school teachers can create interactive content with Boom.

“Homeschoolers are another group who can appreciate the appeal of Boom Learning.” Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed told 

You can try Boom Learning out for yourself at ISTE 2017 June 25-28th in San Antonio Texas. You’ll find them in the Startup Pavilion. You can also find them online here at 

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    Thanks for the colorful write up, Peter. Btw, I loved both the smell and warmth of those freshly printed papers too.

    • Peter Schaeffer

      Hey Eric

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