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ISTE 2018: Yes You Can Trust Your Assets To These Pandas

assetpanda-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Yes You Can Trust Your Assets To These PandasMore and More School Systems Are Trusting Asset Panda To Protect All Of Their Assets

Asset protection in schools and school districts is serious business. From media equipment to computers to 1:1 deployments your school’s assets cost money. Throw into that the fact that many of your assets are entrusted in the hands of children as young as 6 years old and it could be a recipe for disaster. Asset reconciliation can take months and more often than not, school districts find hundreds of thousands of dollars in property missing  at the end of the school year (if not millions).

Luckily for some schools and districts property hasn’t been stolen it’s just been moved. You know how it is, somehow five iPads ended up in a storage room in a boy’s bathroom.

The average school system loses $250,000 a year due to damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. $80,000 of that is equipment we directly consider to be “technology”. With over 13,500 school systems across the country, that’s a huge loss.  Ghost items and misplaced items account for a good amount of that loss.

Asset Panda is the world’s most reliable asset tracking solution. Their mix of sensors, barcodes, and app locators mean it’s easy to set up an asset protection system and then track where things are.

Rex Kurzius, the founder of Asset Panda and his entire team get it, teachers, principals, district administrators are too busy with important things like teaching, educating, curriculum and finding money for schools, to actually keep track of all of the schools assets. With equipment ranging from football helmets to pencil sharpeners, iPads to trumpets, assets in schools start adding up.  If something goes missing it’s much easier to fill out a requisition form than it is to actually track back and find the missing item.

In 2013 the school district of Philadelphia lost $196,000 in assets. West Philadelphia High School, lost $5150 in instruments alone. The losses were blamed on misplaced items, items left at old schools, improperly discarded items and theft. They were also using an older software system that had trouble tracking their $272.6 million dollar inventory. Clearly, these losses add up.

Asset Panda goes above and beyond older asset tracking systems. Asset Panda allows any user to keep track of their inventory by photo, document, video, voice notes, barcodes, asset tagging, gps tagging and more. The platform goes above and beyond by tracking an items value and depreciation over the years. While Asset Panda can help instantly locate that missing laptop, it can also let the school’s technology director know when something is outdated.

In addition to having a cute name, Asset Panda prides themselves on the fact that they’ve made their asset tracking platform so easy that even a panda can do it. The platform is designed to go far beyond the walls and equipment of classrooms, maintenance departments can use it and it’s perfect for offices, office campuses, churches and even higher education.

You can find out more about Asset Panda at assetpanda.com and at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-27th, booth #466

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