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ISTE 2018: Capstone’s New 4D Augmented Reality Books, Bring Reading To Life

Our 10 Year Old EdTech Reporter, Tatum F, Checks Out Capstone’s 4D Books

Augmented reality is everywhere. There are augmented reality games, lot’s of augmented reality advertising and even an app that let’s you use augmented reality to see how Ikea furniture will look in your home. There’s even augmented reality in school.

When many people hear augmented reality, or AR for those in the know, they think about VR or mixed reality, but augmented reality adds a layer of technology to analog content to provide more information, a more indepth look at topics, or just bring things to life.

Capstone, a nationwide leader in book publishing for kids, has released a new catalog of titles under their 4D umbrella that brings books to life with the use of augmented reality. Young readers simply download the Capstone 4D app to their smartphones and with one of their 4D books, just starts scanning the pages.

In their wide variety of augmented reality books, students will see more indepth content, see more animals, science and even directions to arts and crafts projects.

Here at the nibletz office our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum has been trying out the Capstone 4D books for quite some time and the verdict is in, she loves them.

Capstone sent over a bunch of books for an arts and crafts and science loving ten year old that explored everything from paper planes to Origami and even puppies.

In the video above Tatum takes a look at a pretty cool book that gives readers directions to creating some of the coolest paper airplanes. The book, called Air Sharks, teaches readers how to create some killer paper airplanes. Where many books have to stop because they’re 2D, the creators of the book can go more in-depth, show the tricks to folding and even explain how and why wind affects paper airplanes. Readers get access to this content by simply scanning the pages of these Capstone 4D books with the Capstone 4D app.

Take a look at Tatum’s review video above and then try out Capstone’s 4D books for yourself at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2232 and check out this new reading technology online at capstonepub.com 

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