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Root Prepares To Grow, Just In Time For ISTE 2018

root-iste2018-1-top Root Prepares To Grow, Just In Time For ISTE 2018

Root Robotics CEO Zee Dubrovsky talks about the importance of robots in the classroom (photo: Root Robotics)

As Root’s Founder Scurry’s Across The Country Talking Robots In Classrooms, Root Prepares For Launch, In Time For ISTE 2018

Robots, robotics and coding in the classroom are paramount to the success of today’s students, at just about every age. Robots and coding are a great way to broaden a students STEM education. Coding and computational thinking are critical for providing access to jobs and careers in the 21st century innovation economy.

Administrators and educators from across the country struggle with implementing robots into their STEM/STEAM curriculum. In some cases it’s cost prohibitive. In other cases administrators and teachers are worried that robots designed for early elementary will quickly grow outdated by the time kids get old enough to really understand deeper coding concepts.

Sphero has been one company that’s been able to capture all the masses with one product however there’s been a big need for something different and that’s where Root comes in.

Root Robotics has created a robot called Root that can be programmed in a variety of ways starting with a non-text based language that’s pre-block in nature and designed for early elementary. As kids get older and more fluent in the ways that Root is programmed, other programming options become available, in essence making Root the first programmable robot that can be used from pre-k all the way up to 8th grade without the need for another device or more investment on the school’s part.

Not only that, but like Wonder Workshop, Tynker and Kano, Root is committed to educating children and students and not just throwing a product out to market. That’s why Root Robotics co-founder and CEO Zee Dubrovsky has been traveling coast to coast, not just to talk about Root and it’s impact on the classroom experience but really diving deep into the need for robots in the classroom.

Many of us grew up in a time where there was one or maybe two computers in the classroom. They were typically bolted to carts that weighed 500 pounds and we would each get 20 minutes a week. Today, robots are like computers in the classroom in the late 1980’s and early 1990s. Root Robotics is making it so schools can afford to get multiple Root robots into the hands of kids and every student can learn together, cooperatively.

Root just reported that they are about to begin shipping their Kickstarter orders and then pre-orders while opening up sales to educators far and wide beginning with ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2634. You can also find out more at codewithroot.com

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