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ISTE ’17: Kahoot Goes Bigger in Mobile

aplazer-iste-720 ISTE '17: Kahoot Goes Bigger in MobileISTE 2017: New Kahoot App Takes The Experience Totally Mobile

kahoot-interview-iste-top ISTE '17: Kahoot Goes Bigger in Mobile

Kahoot was on hand at ISTE 2017 to talk about their new and improved mobile app, making Kahoot a totally mobile experience.

Kahoot is everyone’s favorite quiz show platform. It allows teachers to make quiz games, “Kahoots”, out of whatever material they would like. Creation is a breeze and over 50 million people are playing Kahoot. Their large teacher network makes it easy to share and collaborate on Kahoots. There’s Kahoots for every subject and content imaginable.

At ISTE 2017 we got a chance to spend some time with Kahoot CEO Erik Harrell who let us see the newest version of the Kahoot mobile app prior to it’s release.

singlewire-ISTE-2017 ISTE '17: Kahoot Goes Bigger in MobileTraditionally, students have been able to use the Kahoot app on their mobile device to participate in classroom Kahoot’s. From kindergarten to college, teachers and professors would make up their Kahoot and students could answer through their device, doing away with things like the “clicker: The advantage to playing like this means that students that are shy or afraid they may get the questions wrong, can participate. This older version of the app only allowed students to answer the questions in the class Kahoot, typically on the smart board.

The new app makes the entire Kahoot experience mobile. Now, users will be able to play entire Kahoots wherever and whenever they would like. This means that teachers can even get creative and assign Kahoots for homework. But it also means that kids can play Kahoot’s against other kids across the country.

The new app will show a “kahoot” and ask and allow the students to answer the questions at their own leisure. It will keep score as if the user was playing the Kahoot in real time with everyone else.

With 50 million users and 20 million Kahoots students could spend hours, if not days, playing Kahoots and never get bored.

Our 9 year old edtech reporter Tatum F got a chance to talk with Harrell at ISTE 2017. Check out the interview below and for more information visit

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