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ISTE 2017: Kajeet Is The Homework Gap Hero

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Kajeet Is The Homework Gap HeroISTE 17: Learn How Kajeet Is Solving The Homework Gap

kajeet-top ISTE 2017: Kajeet Is The Homework Gap Hero

Digital learning is becoming a way of life for students across the country. Text books will one day be a thing of the past. Now, student get their classwork, lessons and even their textbooks online through their Chromebooks, iPads, or smartphones. This is great inside the walls of the classroom. Now, teachers can deliver a richer educational experience and the knowledge on the internet is in the palm of their hands. The Internet is for far more than just research papers.

With all of this innovation in learning comes innovation in homework assignments. Now, when students leave school for the day they are still reliant on the internet. Most schools use some kind of homework management system found online. For those students who’s schools have converted to completely online textbooks, the internet is required for that as well.

While this is great for many students, for some it means they can’t participate. Many people take broadband Internet for granted. Chances are, if you’re reading this story, you’re on some kind of connected device. You pay the bill for this connected device, and in some households the Internet bill is more important than even water.  For many families though, the internet is still out of reach.

Since 2011, it’s been the mission of Kajee, a Maryland based edtech startup, to solve “the homework gap”.

“As more school districts implement digital learning initiatives requiring students to complete online assignments outside the classroom, millions of students lack digital access at home and are finding themselves caught in the Homework Gap.” the company says.

MathBRIX_banner ISTE 2017: Kajeet Is The Homework Gap HeroBroadband improves student outcomes. When there’s Internet access at home, districts see higher graduation rates, more parent involvement, better student engagement, and increased test scores. While companies like Facebook and Google are trying to bring Internet access to every home in the world, they are still years away. Even the government is trying to find ways to make Internet more affordable. But the reality is, it’s just not. Kids that wake up in the morning not sure if there is food for breakfast, hardly see the opportunity for Internet and connected devices.

Kajeet is working to help shrink the homework gap with two solutions, the Kajeet Smartspot and the Kajeet Smartbus. The Smartspot is hotspot, fine tuned and optimized for education with filters set by a school or district. These hotspots are trackable and can be lent to students to take home for a specific assignment or for the school year. Kajeet SmartSpots work on Verizon and Sprint networks and the company prices plans that are affordable to schools and districts.

Kajeet SmartBus is a device that provides high speed 4G LTE Internet connectivity on the bus. Over 26 million students ride the bus every year. Even with a short 20 minute ride they’re spending hours and hours on the bus every year, hours they could be studying or finishing homework. The Kajeet SmartBus means that students riding the bus can connect to the Internet. It’s also a great tool for schools who’s sports teams ride the bus for hours to and from games. Now they can get work done while they ride. Like the Kajeet SmartSpot, the SmartBus is also filtered for education so students are playing on SnapChat or downloading music on the bus.

As a bonus, Kajeet publishes a great blog you can check out here. 

If access to Internet is a factor in your school or school district, visit with Kajeet at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #1340 and online at

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