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ISTE ’17: Kidblog Is Like WordPress For Kids

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE '17: Kidblog Is Like WordPress For KidsISTE 2017: Kidblog Is Safe Student Publishing

Kidblog-ISTE2017-top ISTE '17: Kidblog Is Like WordPress For Kids

Kidblog has created a safe way for kids to publish content to a real audience. In fact, teachers from 70 countries are utilizing the tool to help kids publish their work.

Using the Kidblog platform, student’s work can be published to the class, to another class across the hall, to the whole school, to the district or to the public. Kidblog has built in moderation tools so teachers can safely publish their student’s work. Teachers monitor all of the activity within a community of authors. Students can even publish to the public at large, but not until the teacher approves it.

Kidblog allows students to assert their writing creativity. They can publish their own blogs, collaborate on writing assignments with other students or the whole class can write something together.

The Kidblog platform turns kids into actual bloggers within their set community. It even features publishing statistics where kids and their teachers can measure post and comment activity throughout the school year. The community within Kidblog allows students to find other classes and other students outside of their classroom.

Like many platforms, Kidblog plays well with others. It features Google Drive Integration so that students can embed anything from their Google Drive into their blog posts. Pictures, videos, pdfs and more can easily be added directly from Google Drive into a Kidblog blog post. It also integrates with Google and Clever login so there’s no need to worry about forgetting an extra set of login credentials.

While you may think this sounds great for older students, Kidblog is actually being used by students as early as first and second grade. Christa Elder, a Kidblog featured teacher, has been using the platform with her first and second graders for the last six years.

“I always want the students to take ownership of their learning, even in Grade One and Two. I want them to realize that they are authors, story tellers, and that people from all over the world can read what they are blogging about and that their voice matters. To me, that is a powerful message for young students to learn.” Elder said on the Kidblog website.

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