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What Your Kids Didn’t Teach You, You Can Learn At ISTE

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Microsoft Holding Minecraft: Education Edition Academy Ahead Of ISTE 2017

Minecraft-education-top What Your Kids Didn't Teach You, You Can Learn At ISTE

Sunday, June 25th as part of the ISTE 2017 pre-conference, Microsoft Education is holding an all day academy on Minecraft. Teachers will get hands on experience and instruction on the hit game Minecraft and how to utilize it in the classroom. Most teachers have students in their class or kids at home that have taught them the basics of the 8 bit game changer. Microsoft will teach you so much more.

During the one day event, being held at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio in Bowie Room A&B, teachers will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition. They’ll learn to play the game itself, and take back opportunities to the classroom. Teachers will also get hands on experience with Code Builder For Minecraft: Education Edition, a new extension connecting to learn-to-code platforms like Tynker, Scratch and Microsoft’s own Make Code.

Be sure to bring your own device either a Windows 10 or Mac Laptop in order to participate in the all day teaching academy.  Teachers who attend will earn points towards a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIA) badge and a completion certificate (your students will be dually impressed). Microsoft is also offering a year free subscription to Minecraft Education Edition with the purchase of a qualifying Windows 10 device for your school.

The all day teaching academy is Sunday June 25th from 8:30am-3:30pm. There will be a break for lunch with time to get food off-site or bring something in. Also, in order to comply with gifting policies, all public sector employees will be required to provide a signed gifting letter prior to receiving exam vouchers.

Teachers can register here at 

Check out Microsoft’s complete ISTE 2017 schedule here. 

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  • Michael Tomaino

    Anyone could (and should) get a good coding foundation. There are so many free ebooks and lessons like,, Khan Academy to name a few.