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ISTE 2018: KinderLab Robotics Meets Rigorous Review Standards to Join STEMworks Database

kinderlab-iste2018-1-top ISTE 2018: KinderLab Robotics Meets Rigorous Review Standards to Join STEMworks DatabaseKinderLab Robotics and STEMworks both aim to develop 21st-century skills by providing effective STEM education and inspiration

KinderLab Robotics, the creators of KIBO™, a robot kit designed to teach children ages 4–7 to build, program, decorate, and bring their own robot to life without requiring any screen-time, today announced its acceptance to STEMworks, an online honor roll of high-quality STEM education programs.

As the demand for STEM education continues to grow, many organizations have identified achievement gaps in STEM literacy based on gender, race, and economic inequalities. KinderLab Robotics seeks to increase STEM literacy and prepare young children for the demands of a 21st-century society that will require them to learn sequencing, think computationally, problem-solve, and collaborate. The overarching goal of offering students access to a plethora of tools and resources is to create a new population of young people who are STEM-literate, and to improve the economic competitiveness of our future workforce.

“We are excited to be part of this group of programs that are providing students the tools they need to develop 21st-century skills,” said Mitch Rosenberg, the CEO of KinderLab Robotics, Inc. “KinderLab Robotics and the other STEMworks programs have similar goals of reducing inequality and providing young students access to high-quality STEM tools. Our acceptance to STEMworks provides us the opportunity to introduce our award-winning, researched-based STEM programs to child care centers, public and private schools, libraries and museums, and more.”

Since 2010, STEMworks has worked with national and state education leaders to bring the most effective STEM education programs to hundreds of thousands more students every year. STEMworks provides a mechanism for identifying programs that go beyond impressive marketing materials to provide truly effective STEM education and inspiration. Programs listed in STEMworks have been rigorously reviewed for effectiveness using research-based design principles.

“KinderLab Robotics can be very proud of joining the STEMworks honor roll,” said Dr. Mark Loveland, Project Director for STEMworks. “The level of effort involved in completing an application that clearly communicates both impact and inspiration is no small task.”

KinderLab Robotics’ KIBO programs establish a passion for STEM education at a very young age, when children are excited to learn and are less distracted by gender, sports, or peer pressure. To learn more about KIBO and KinderLab Robotics, click here.

Learn more about KinderLab Robotics at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-27th, booth #1590 and online at Kinderlabrobotics.com

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