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ISTE 2018 Preview: Learnics Gives Teachers and Students Access To Data On How They Are Learning

learnics-thinkingapp-iste2018 ISTE 2018 Preview: Learnics Gives Teachers and Students Access To Data On How They Are LearningLearnics’ Thinking App Gives Teachers and Students Valuable Insights On The Way They Learn

When you were in school did you ever spend all night or a string of nights working on a paper that you thought was spectacular only to get a bad grade. Maybe it was because the content was wrong or the content wasn’t organized in a way that actually made sense.

As a teacher have you ever been the recipient of a great paper that either didn’t make sense or the thoughts weren’t organized completely. Did you read the paper and realize just how hard your student worked on it and feel miserable giving them a bad grade? Sure you have. Did you ever wish you could actually be there with the student as they were writing the paper?

Now a company called Learnics has made it so you can do just that, sort of.

The ThinkingApp by Learnics is a browser extension that produces data very specific to the individual student’s learning experience within the context of an assignment.

The readily available learning analytics provide teachers with knowledge of student online learning activities. How are these students finding their information, what are they doing with it, how are they formulating their hypothesis, how are they putting thoughts together, how are they learning.

The ThinkingApp is a Chrome extension that tracks what sites students are going to and how long they are staying there. After students log out of the ThinkingApp the logs can be turned into a teacher. The teacher will know if Tommy was only on one site for 10 seconds he couldn’t have possibly gained all the information. Perhaps Mary was on another site for thirty minutes but still didn’t put the research together in a well thought out way. A teacher could see that Mary struggled with the content on that page. It also is a great way for teachers to see bibliographical data for a students assignment.

The ThinkingApp helps teachers and students visualize their learning in unprecedented ways. The ThinkingApp by Learnics helps students better understand what they are learning, doing and researching. It also gives them the peace of mind knowing that a teacher can go back and see what they learned. If they’re doing something wrong they can go over it with the teacher and develop new ways to learn and to research and it’s working.

You can find out more about ThinkingApp in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th and online at learnics.com 

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