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ISTE 2017: Experience The Magic Of Learning Alive

bloxles2-e1498446454335 ISTE 2017: Experience The Magic Of Learning AliveISTE 17: Learning Alive Brings The Flashcard To Life

LearningAlive-2-Top ISTE 2017: Experience The Magic Of Learning Alive

Learning Alive brings learning to life right before students’ very eyes. Using Augmented reality, Learning Alive has taken the flash card and turned them into something truly amazing. Animals just pop right out of the screen and create an immersive, 3D experience in the classroom.

Our 9 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F, got to experience Learning Alive first hand. Through amazing augmented reality and flash cards, students learn the alphabet, sentence structure, reading, math and more. When flashcards are put underneath the camera, the animal or image on the card comes to life. But it’s so much more than that.

bISTEAd_s1_06017-728x90-1 ISTE 2017: Experience The Magic Of Learning AliveWith one set of cards students can make sentences. If the sentences are correct, the animal on the card will do perform the verb that is on the card. For example, if students put together a sentence like; The Frog Can Jump, the frog will jump. But if the sentence is The Frog Will Run, the frog simply shakes his head. Adjectives come to life too. Animals can change size, shape and color based on the sentence the student puts together.  Math cards work similarly to the alphabet cards.

This amazing idea for Learning Alive came together after founder Cynthia Kaye became frustrated with the available tools to help teacher her two adopted sons how to read and speak the English language. Once exposed to augmented reality her wheels started turning and soon enough, Learning Alive came to life.

Tatum got a chance to talk with Cynthia at ISTE 2017. Check out the interview below and for more information visit


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