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ISTE 2017: LearnMetrics Is Using Data To Ignite Student Potential

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: LearnMetrics Is Using Data To Ignite Student PotentialISTE ’17: LearnMetrics Can Help You Navigate Your Learning Data For Effective Results

learnmetrics-top ISTE 2017: LearnMetrics Is Using Data To Ignite Student Potential

It’s 2017 and there are a lot of tools out there gathering data points every day from students in our schools. Powerschool, KhanAcademy, ThinkCerca and several other platforms are gathering all of this data through LMS, assignments, grades and more. Many schools out there are struggling with pulling all this data out to actually make changes and effective results. Many schools have to take the data points from each of their systems and platforms, extract the data manually to spread sheet and then go over the spread sheet looking for trends. This is not effective and it wastes a lot of time.

Say you have a group of students that you’re concerned about. Maybe you want to see what is driving their bad behavior, or their truancy. Logic would tell you to look for patterns to determine what commonalities these students have to try and solve the problem. The old spreadsheet method is going to take days to figure this out, but you want to have the problem fixed before the bell rings.

That’s where Learnmetris comes in.

Learnmetrics gets all of the data from all of the systems and platforms schools are using into one place. They also bring performance indicators into schools. Now, administrators and teachers just need to turn to Learnmetrics to find those commonalities and where kids may be struggling.

learnmetrics-ss-recipe ISTE 2017: LearnMetrics Is Using Data To Ignite Student PotentialThis is all done through what Learnmetrics calls, recipes. Through these recipes, schools can custom build what they need to serve their students. Through the example above, an administrator would start by naming the recipe, Intervention. From there they would pick their data level is this recipe about students, instructors, sections, courses or departments. In this case it’s students. After that selection administrators can pick whatever data sources they want to use, and then what data points they want to use.

Learnmetrics will quickly identify all the students that fit into the desired recipe. But wait there’s more, much more.

Once Learnmetrics has identified the core group of results, administrators and teachers can drill down into the data. Maybe they’ll find that students are struggling in English. They can even drill down further, find where the students are struggling and choose to send a message to the student, the teacher, the student’s parents, coaches or other parts of the students teams.

All of this can also be done at the teacher level. Say the school is struggling with math test scores. An administrator can run a different recipe, find out what obstacles the teachers are having to go through, strategize and help.

The possibilities are limitless with Learnmetrics. Teachers, administrators, school and districts are finding a whole world of uses for the data and they are setting recipes for everything under the sun. All of this is helping them use the data that’s otherwise being collected and shoved to the side.

You can find out more about Learnmetrics at 

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