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lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A Year

ISTE-Preview-topper lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A YearISTE 2017: lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A Year, May Have Another ISTE Winner On Their Hands

lockncharge-baskets lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A Year

Who would have thought that a better way to charge classroom devices could lead to saving real amounts of time. lockncharge is saving schools up to two instructional weeks per year by streamlining the storage, asset management and charging of mobile devices deployed in schools worldwide.

If you’re not familiar with lockncharge you should be, especially if your school is using devices in the classroom. lockncharge makes a number of bulk storage and charging devices in many functional form factors like carts and baskets. They have a solution for tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and even BYOD environments.

One of our favorites is the lockncharge baskets. The baskets are color coded and hold up to five devices. This makes the devices easier to move about the classroom and allows students to help pass the devices out. With color coding, kids sitting at the blue table know exactly which devices belong to their table. This isn’t just convenient it’s one of the many ways lockncharge is giving schools back time.

lockncharge-joey lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A YearA favorite of teachers and administrators is the lockncharge Joey 30 cart, a winner of “best in show” at ISTE 2016.  The cart fits up to 30 devices including laptops, iPads and Chromebooks.  Schools can decide if they want to use dividers with the cart adding more organization.   The Joey cart features lockncharge’s patented Eco Safe Charge system that properly distributes power to the charging devices. It’s also a top loading cart, meaning teachers don’t have to bend down and hurt the backs to get devices off of a lower shelf.

Basically it it’s a mobile device used in the classroom, lockncharge has a solution for you.  Now though, they’re getting into other educational tools like Sphero robots.

singlewire-ISTE-2017 lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A Yearlockncharge will be showing off their new storage and charging case for Sphero SPRK+ robots. The case allows up to six SPRK+ robots to be stored and charged, using the Sphero induction charger.  The new charging case for Sphero SPRK+ robots comes from lockncharge’s commitment to listen to the teachers and administrators that are using their products.

lockncharge-sphero lockncharge Saves Two Instructional Weeks A Year“The modern classroom is changing and teachers’ needs are shifting along with it,” said James Symons, CEO at LocknCharge. “As we speak to teachers across the country, we are hearing an increased need for not only charging solutions for mobile devices, but also for robots such as the Sphero SPRK+ that promote coding. At LocknCharge, we seek to create products that simplify a teacher’s classroom—and the Sphero SPRK+ Charging Case does just that.”

lockncharge also does a great job of making their solutions look inviting in the classroom. Most of their lockncharge cases come in brilliant beautiful colors. The Sphero case is no different. Rather than making it blue or red, lockncharge did a great job of making sure the Sphero’s “eyes” had a place to peek out of the case.

lockncharge operates at the speed of innovation so there’s no doubt that the Sphero case is just the first of many more cases that will house, protect, and charge STEAM and STEM products for classrooms everywhere.

You can check out the lockncharge Sphero case at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #3418 and online at