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ISTE 2017: Students Can Make Amazing Things With Makey Makey

banner ISTE 2017: Students Can Make Amazing Things With Makey MakeyISTE ’17: With Makey Makey, Students Can Turn Ordinary Things Into Amazing Things, Even Grandma.

When we were at SXSWedu earlier this year, our 9 year old edtech reporter got to make a piano out of bananas and a game controller out of Play Doh. Both projects were done using Joy Lab’s Makey Makey circuit board. With Makey Makey, students are able to “smash” every day objects an craft materials like fruit, Play Doh and even grandma and turn them into devices that control computers, and even the internet.

The Makey Makey is a simple invention kit that allows beginners and experts to create amazing things.  The kit can be used with just about anything that can serve as a conductor to close the circuit loop.

rug-ed-iste-banner ISTE 2017: Students Can Make Amazing Things With Makey MakeyStudents have made everything from those banana controlled pianos to dance dance revolution type controllers to move a Sphero ball around a track. Makey Makey partners with WorkBench to create project ideas and deliver curriculum to teachers that want to use Makey Makey in the classroom or their maker space, and there’s  a lot of them.

Makey Makey was created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, two life long inventors who were behind both Drawdio and Singing Fingers. They have also been on the Scratch programming language team in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. They’re serious about inventing things and kids and want to empower everyone to easily bring projects to life.

Makey Makey comes in two models the classic and the go. The classic kit comes with the circuit board, 7 jumper cables,  6 connector wires, 20 stickers and graphic instructions. The Makey Makey Go comes with 1 USB invention stick, a case with magnet, 1 white alligator clip, a key ring and an instruction guide.

A new book on Makey Makey has also just been released, entitled “20 Makey Makey Projects for Evil Genius” 1st edition.

For more information or to get started visit 

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