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ISTE 2017: Meet Mia The Secret Agent At ISTE

bISTEAd_s1_06017-728x90-1 ISTE 2017: Meet Mia The Secret Agent At ISTEISTE ’17: Mia Is Matching Kids With Books They’ll Love

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Reading is the most important skill kids learn, like they say, it’s fundamental. Keeping kids engaged with reading can be tough, especially with all the screen time they have these days.  If kids had access to books they were really interested in, getting them to read would be a whole lot easier.

Mia is the parent’s friend, the teacher’s friend, the student’s friend. Mia is a secret agent that uses machine learning, AI, and expert knowledge about reading to help kids choose books they’ll love and want to read.

Kids use a voice interface, like Siri or Alexa, from any device to send Mia on a monthly secret mission to discover books they’ll love. Kids will find Mia fun and exciting. She will go on that mission and serve up suggestions that algorithmicaly find book suggestions that they’ll like.  Once Mia has found those selections she will serve up options of where the books can be purchased right then and there, through services like Scholastic.

banner ISTE 2017: Meet Mia The Secret Agent At ISTEKids these days can’t wait for the annual or semi-annual book fair at their school. Perhaps you’re old enough to remember when Dr.Seuss books could be mail ordered on a subscription. Getting books through the mail isn’t just educational, it’s fun as well.

Parents purchase subscriptions to these services like, Scholastic Book Club and kids can order their very own print books. When cost is an issue, Mia has partnered with donors, foundations and other sources to help secure these books for students that might not otherwise be able to get them.

Mia is also packed with features for schools and educators. Schools and districts can get site wide licenses for Mia and all their students can use it.  Mia is offering a special at ISTE 2017, when 50% of a classroom’s parents sign up for Mia the class gets $100 in free books.

Want to know more about Mia? Visit them at their secret location during ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th. You can find out the secret location, here. 

banner ISTE 2017: Meet Mia The Secret Agent At ISTE