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Make Sure Your Future Musicians Are Using Noteflight

noteflight-iste2018-2-top Make Sure Your Future Musicians Are Using NoteflightISTE 2018 Preview: Why You Need To Visit Noteflight At ISTE 2018

Chances are you’ve seen us talk about Chance The Rapper and his efforts to help kids in Chicago with the fruits of his music labors. In interviews everywhere he’s always talked about his experiences in music class, band and anything and everything musical in school when he was coming up.

Music classes, band and orchestra are major outlets for creativity for students in schools. Some students excel in math, some in science, some in art and others in music. Music doesn’t just teach music, it helps improve students self esteem, and even drives the four c’s; Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and critical thinking.

One of the company’s that’s created technology to support music education and creating music is Noteflight. Noteflight is an amazing platform that allows anyone to create music compositions, regardless of it’s your first song with the garage band or a masterpiece with a 30 piece orchestra, and everything in between.  Musicians of all levels just love Noteflight.

Noteflight’s school platform, Noteflight Learn, gives students, band teachers and orchestra leaders the same Noteflight tools that scores of musicians are using, globally (do you see what we did there).

Noteflight Learn is feature packed and ready for the 21st century classroom.

    • Private, secure, and safe site for you and our students
    • Google Classroom integration
    • LMS Integrations via the LTI Standards (blackboard, moodle, canvas, etc…)
    • Access to Content Libraries. All NF Learn users get over 500 lessons and scores, and can purchase digital access to additional published works.
    • Noteflight Premium features for all (unlimited scores, over 85 premium instruments, sync with YouTube, part printing, recording right in score)
    • Easily create and access student assignments

All of these features make Noteflight Learn the most comprehensive, yet easiest to use,  music scoring platform for students of all ages.

The Noteflight team will be at ISTE 2018 to talk to anyone and everyone about how Noteflight Learn is transforming the way music is created in the K-12 classroom. They’ll also be giving away a hot new CTL J4 Chromebook for Education with IPS. You don’t want to miss that. You can find them at booth #644 and online at noteflight.com

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