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ISTE 2017: Wow Students With Music Using Noteflight

singlewire-ISTE-2017 ISTE 2017: Wow Students With Music Using NoteflightISTE ’17: Noteflight Offers The Most Comprehensive Music Software Available For K-12

On the surface Noteflight is a great platform for composing music, and collaborating whether it’s with a band, a bandmate across the pond or a school band with 50 instruments. When you peel it back though you realize how committed Noteflight is to music and education. They have created a tool that’s easy for the teacher to use and easy for kids to learn without compromising anything when it comes to the music. Noteflight learn can be used for a students first composition or a grand score with the entire band.

With Noteflight learn, every user in the class can create unlimited scores, and listen with over 85 high quality instruments. Students can record live audio intro scores and transcribe scores using any midi device. Teachers and students also have access to other recording, performance and creation tools.

Music education is an invaluable part of education.  Outside of the digital tools to create, perform and share music, Noteflight includes other educational components as well. Using Noteflight learn,teachers and students get access to content libraries from the likes of the famous Hal Leonard and other amazing publishers.

MathBRIX_banner ISTE 2017: Wow Students With Music Using NoteflightTeachers and students have access to “…hundreds of digital scores of the most popular repertoire for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Piano, and Guitar. These digital scores can be used and adapted for play along, recorded assessments, score study, composition assignments, and more!” the company says.

Like many traditional digital learning systems, Noteflight Learn also incorporates the tools for teachers to provide important feedback to students. A student can access their Noteflight account at home and perform their piece in the privacy of their bedroom. The teacher can listen to it anywhere they want, virtually insuring a nervous free performance. After listening to the student’s piece, the teacher can go back in and annotate or provide feedback.

The Noteflight team is a group of committed musicians, music lovers and educators that know how powerful learning music can be. Check out Noteflight Learn, here.