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ISTE 2018 Preview: Buddyphones Are Perfect For Today’s Modern Classroom

onanoff-buddyphones-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Buddyphones Are Perfect For Today's Modern Classroomonanoff Has Created State Of The Art Listening Products For Kids Of All Ages

oldschoolheadphones-iste ISTE 2018 Preview: Buddyphones Are Perfect For Today's Modern Classroom

Do you remember that pair of headphones above. They were itchy, the cups were cold and if you had normal sized ears they would hurt. Kids with big ears had extra padding so they didn’t hurt quite as much. The cords sucked too, the straight, no-coiled cord meant they ripped and half the time you would only hear sound in one ear, if that. Add to that the fact you were probably listening to a scratched up record and it was better to take a nap than listen to the listen.

If that sounds a little dramatic, it’s not. It’s exactly what listening to audio in the classroom was like from about the  1970’s until 2010. In some schools across the country that’s still the student listening experience.

Kids these days want to be able to hear their audio. They want the same simplicity they’re used to at home. And kids learned how to create a Bluetooth pairing connection before they could go tee tee in the potty. That’s like in 2018 folks.

That’s why onanoff , the brilliant company behind Buddyphones created their line of Bluetooth headphones for kids. Their headphones are available at electronic stores everywhere and get rave reviews. Buddyphones are the first headphones designed for kids, with volume limiting technology that doesn’t compromise on sound. In other words, kids can listen to their favorite program or a school work video at a good, responsible level without their parents ever worrying about hurting their ears.

The onanoff team knows all too well the scenario described above with the clunky old blue and white headphones. They know that most students suffered quality over cost, which is why their headphones are affordable for parents and equally as affordable for schools. In fact when our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum, lost her own personal Buddyphones she was able to save two weeks allowance and walk right back into Target and buy another pair.

Students need technology that they’re familiar with and Buddyphones is that technology. When students can help their teachers prepare for lessons with a/v equipment things get done quicker and they learn valuable lessons about collaboration.

Buddyphones come in several models, corded, Bluetooth and the Buddyphones Wave, water resistant headphones ready for the rigors of elementary school life. Speaking of elementary school life, the folks at onanoff refuse to play around with kids hearing. 12.5% of kids suffer some kind of hearing loss so safety is their most important factor.

You can check out Buddyphones for yourself and see which Buddyphones solution is perfect for your classroom at ISTE 2018 in Chicago June 24-28th, booth #369 and online at onanoff.com

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