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Pi-Top Was Hot At ISTE 2017

ISTE 2017: We Talk With Pi-Top Co-Founder Jesse Lozano

Fresh off the heels of being named the “EdTech Startup Of The Year” at Europe’s BETT education conference, Pi-Top was hot at ISTE 2017. Not only was there booth filled with Teachers, Principals and Technology directors but even chatter in the hallways, and at the snackbar was all about pi-top. As we were walking out of the venue for the last time we boarded the elevator with Thomas Walker, a 56 year old teacher who quickly confessed that pi-top was his favorite for ISTE 2017. The new company also made Tatum’s short list of favorites from ISTE this year, coming in first.

pi-top is a company that created two modular DIY computers. The pi-topCEED, a desktop and the original pi-top laptop. Both computers are designed to be built yourself and run the pi-topOS.

After the initial project of building the computer yourself, pi-top opens up an entire world of coding, experimenting, projects and learning via the pi-topOS and it’s bundled software. Once built every pi-top comes with the pi-topOS which lets users browse the web, create text documents and send and receive email.

pi-top-top-2 Pi-Top Was Hot At ISTE 2017The pi-topDashboard is a familiar user interface that puts all of the pi-top’s functionality at the users fingertips. pi-topDashboard allows the user to customize their pi-top experience the same way Windows 10 and Mac OSX would.

Scratch is a programming language designed for children and people new to programming, it’s easy to use and let’s new programmers create rich programming projects with no prior knowledge

pi-topCoder is an interface that allows users to access all Raspberry Pi resources as well as a library of worksheets and projects from teachers across the globe. More experienced programmers can jump right into coding in Python via pi-topCoder

Minecraft pi-edition is a port of the popular open world sandbox game intended exclusively for the Raspberry Pi. Minecraft pi edition allows users to code their own commands and scripts in Python to build things in the game automatically.

Sonic Pi is a live coding musical synth designed for everyone. Users can create, compose and perform original music from classical and jazz to EDM.

Chromium/YouTube use the pi-top or pi-topCEED to surf the web and watch YouTube videos via Chromium and Youtube.

CEEDUniverse is a feature packed game that utilizes all of the resources in the pi-top and pi-topCEED. Mine resources, go on an epic journey, craft and create and integrate code from pi-topCODER. The game is getting rave reviews from users ranging in age from 11-60.

pi-top offers a complete range of curriculum and services designed to integrate the world of pi into classrooms across the globe. You can find out more at