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ISTE 2017: PLANET3 Turns The Entire Earth Into A Living Lab

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: PLANET3 Turns The Entire Earth Into A Living LabISTE ’17: With PLANET3  A Student’s Mission Is To Learn

Planet3-top ISTE 2017: PLANET3 Turns The Entire Earth Into A Living Lab

Planet3 is an exploration based learning company founded by former National Geographic President Tim Kelly along with National Geographic Explorer and Scientist Albert Lin. With the help of a world class development team, Planet3 has created a fully immersive STEAM focused science curriculum that engulfs students into a brilliant world of missions. These missions help K-12 students explore; geology, technology, life sciences and engineering.

Throughout the entire experience students are participating in an exploratory mission which starts with a mission’s launch. The launch begins with an immersive video that will give students a real world problem and instruct the students to solve it. The launch video will also provide the context for the mission to engage students in classroom discussion about the mission ahead.

Step two has students explore the data center. Relevant data to the mission is given to the students who then need to analyze and visualize the data. Planet3 has partnered with NASA and the NOAA to provide the data. Students will participate in activities “that build confidence and skills for analyzing complex data, where students can create their own visualizations to communicate results.” Planet3 says.

Next comes the really fun part. Students will create avatars and dive into a virtual world where they will collect more data to solve the problem and meet experts that will help them explore the world around them.  Then the students will present a case study. The last part is interactive assessments where students will be able to demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the experience.

Planet3 is developing an entire middle school science curriculum that will debut in schools this fall based and built upon recognized standards.  The team behind Planet3 has the experience and skills to deliver an unprecedented immersive and virtual experience for students.

You can check out Planet3 in the EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th , booth #2132 and online at

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