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ISTE 2017: I’d Be Dead If PowerSchool Was Around When I Was A Kid

ISTE 2017: PowerSchool Is That Good

Powerschool-mobile-top ISTE 2017: I'd Be Dead If PowerSchool Was Around When I Was A Kid

A lot of people know about PowerSchool.  Their platform and mobile app that keeps parent, teachers, students and administrators on the same page has over 68 million users. Kids everywhere take to Twitter, Facebook and other social media to post their PowerSchool grades. When Powerschool is updated, it can be a big deal.

“When you check PowerSchool during class and then are forced to contain the wave of fear, depression, and rage” a Twitter user recently said.  There are going to be a lot of educators, administrators and technology directors at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, that already know the power of Power School but let’s talk about it from a parents perspective for a second. A parent that graduated high school in the early 90’s.

Many parents around the country have been there. You’re on a nice, fun, family outing. Perhaps you’re at Six Flags or maybe you enjoyed a great family dinner and you’re perusing the aisles of Target, and then your notification goes off. Powerschool has updated. Trembling, you don’t know whether the next second is going to filled with joy or angst. You look at your daughter and say “PowerSchool has updated honey” and wait for a reaction. But there is none. So you open your phone and bam, language arts is a C and there’s a little down arrow next to it. The evening is shot, thanks PowerSchool.

I wouldn’t be here if PowerSchool was around in the 80’s and 90’s. My parents would probably both be serving life sentences. I would be dead.  Back then you could easily forge a parents signature on a bad report card or assignment, and if you’re lucky you could run home and erase the messages on the answering machine before they heard the message from the teacher. Heck, I remember spending time in high school with a xerox machine and an Exacto knife, preparing my report card (newspaper class paid off tenfold). But alas students these days aren’t that lucky. But teachers, administrators and parents are.

powerschool-2 ISTE 2017: I'd Be Dead If PowerSchool Was Around When I Was A KidPowerSchool is a comprehensive system that allows everyone to stay on the same page about grades and performance. I’ve described the student and parent side of Powerschool. A mobile app keeps track of a students grades in real time as assignments are graded. Averages move up and down with the new grades and everybody is happy, or not.

On the school side, PowerSchool has mega power. The PowerSchool dashboard gives teachers and administrator easy access to every student and their performance. Analytical tools map, graph and show teachers and administrators where good areas are and where they need improvement.

On the LMS side PowerSchool provides a feature rich teaching an learning experience putting all the tools teachers need in one place. Overall Powerschool provides multiple solutions under one umbrella to create one unified classroom experience.

“At PowerSchool, our mission is to improve the K-12 education experience. We believe to do so we must start at the heart of education – our teachers. Providing the tools and technology needed for instructional improvement is necessary to maximize time spent in the classroom, allowing teachers to do what they are most passionate about – teaching and connecting with students.” the company says on their website.

If you’re not already using PowerSchool you can find out more at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio June 25th-28th, booth #2918 and online at If you are already a “power” user stop by their booth to see the latest improvements to their already powerful tool. And thank them for not being around in the late 80’s and early 90’s