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ISTE 2017: Prodigy Is Like Pokemon For Math

banner ISTE 2017: Prodigy Is Like Pokemon For MathISTE 17: We Check Out Prodigy, The Most Engaging Math Platform In The World

While perusing the show floor at ISTE 2017 last week, our nine year old edtech reporter Tatum was approached by Michael with Prodigy. He asked her “what if math was as fun as Pokemon”. That caught her attention really quick. The next thirty minutes were spent battling through the Prodigy Game, the most engaging math platform in the world.

While Prodigy is dressed up to look like a platform game, in the background it’s teaching over 1200 crucial math skills for students in grades 1-8. All of the content is standards aligned and helps prepare these young minds for standardized testing. The game itself is addicting. “Teachers tell us all the time that they have students coming early to class and staying after school to play Prodigy” Michael Thornton, District Partnership Manager with Prodigy told “students are our best sales people”.

prodigygame-ss ISTE 2017: Prodigy Is Like Pokemon For MathOver the last couple of years authenticity in game based learning has been a top priority for companies like Prodigy, Legends of Learning and Filament Games. These students, even as young as first grade, are exposed to content daily on multiple screens. This professionally created content is what they’re used to by the time they are offered any kind  of educational game in the classroom. Popping letter bubbles, and number clouds from the sky won’t hold a students attention for more than a second. Rich gaming content is the key for Prodigy and the other top contenders in the game based learning space.

MathBRIX_banner ISTE 2017: Prodigy Is Like Pokemon For MathProdigy makes sure that every student player is exactly where he or she needs to be. There’s a diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the gaming experience, embedded assessments and automatic differentiation that makes sure students succeed at their own pace. Teacher dashboards give them access to see where each student is in the game and what skills they are mastering, and which skills they need help with.

Prodigy is always free for teachers. There’s a premium upgrade for parents which adds some bonus aesthetic features and offers kids the ability to change the appearance of their character. The premium upgrades have no impact on educational content and quality.

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