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ISTE 2018 Preview: Teacher’s Reclaim Your Classroom With ClassMode

classmode-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Teacher's Reclaim Your Classroom With ClassModeEnsure Your Students Are Paying Attention With ClassMode

The smartphone is a very valuable tool in the lives of students in and out of the classroom. In BYOD (Bring your own device) environments these devices can unlock tools, websites, portals, platforms and apps that teachers are using to deliver curriculum and other learning materials.  Students can get onto their Google For Education account, Classlink account and other accounts from their phones in class. However, as we all know, the phone prevents a gateway to distraction.

In today’s BYOD classrooms teachers, principals and tech integrators want to know that their students are doing classwork and school work and not Snapchatting. Stakeholders want to know that students are collaborating about geography and not the big party this weekend.

There’s a thin line between students rights and learning and the smartphone has blurred that line a little bit. Thank goodness for ClassMode a platform that allows teachers and parents to restrict their students (and kids) use to what they’re supposed to be doing on their phones when it’s time to be doing school work.

ClassMode increases student engagement by making sure students can’t access things not intended for class. ClassMode also means that there’s no need to confiscate phones they can just shut them down. This cuts down on disciplinary action and classroom disruptions. But no worries, if there was an emergency situation your students would still be able to call 911 or their parents.

ClassMode also measures how long students spend on their phone and what they are doing. This very important data can help teachers and parents make decisions on what a healthy device plan would be.

How distracting is a smartphone?

94% of teachers agree that students who look at their smartphones in class are less engaged and 40% of these teachers believe these students’ grades are worse as a result. ClassMode can help solve this problem.

See how ClassMode can help you reclaim your classroom in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago June 24-28th booth #1644 and online at classmode.com 

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