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If You’re Deploying iPads You Need Rug-Ed Protection, Period

MathBRIX_banner If You're Deploying iPads You Need Rug-Ed Protection, PeriodISTE 2017: Rug-Ed’s Ralph Schiller Explains Why Rug-Ed Is The Choice To Protect Your iPad Deployment

If your school district is deploying iPads in any way to any amount of students they need to be protected by Rug-Ed cases. Whether you do a 1:1 24 hour deployment or just have 10 iPads in every classroom, Rug-Ed and the iPad should go hand in hand. I’ll explain why.

Rug-Ed manufactures and distributes a line of iPad cases that they guarantee and back with a no questions asked, 0 deductible insurance. If the iPad breaks in their case for any reason at all, whatsoever, period, they will fix it or replace it.

Rug-Ed’s Pro Lock case, locks the iPad in place, only a Rug-Ed certified technician can get the iPad out of the case without damaging the case or the iPad. This does a number of things. First of it insures that the iPad stays in the case so that Rug-Ed can offer their 0 deductible insurance. Second, it’s an amazing form of asset protection, a would be thief couldn’t easily get the case off without damaging the iPad. Rug-Ed uses a proprietary fastener to lock the iPad in place.

The case also has the thickest tempered glass screen protector on the market, that still allows the digitize to work. To that end, they also realize that a lot of iPads in school deployments are used by little tiny fingers that might not have as much force in the touch as an adult man or woman.

With the iPad firmly incased in the Pro-Lock case, Rug-Ed asks no questions about what has happened to the iPad, if it’s damaged, it’s fixed or replaced.

The Pro-Lock case is a comfortable, ergonomic protective case that can easily survive a second story drop and a trip down two flights of stairs, we’ve actually tested this ourselves. We did 9 stair tests and dropped the iPad off the second story of the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. In front of a huge audience, the case survived, the iPad didn’t even have a scratch.

banner If You're Deploying iPads You Need Rug-Ed Protection, PeriodBut what about those oddball incidents that happen that may damage the iPad? That’s where the 0 deductible insurance comes in. This is a lifesaver because it keeps the iPads in commission as long as possible and it takes a lot of headache off the administration. If they don’t have to worry about a deductible they don’t need to worry about charging parents, which can be a tense situation. Rug-Ed’s certified service technicians get the iPads back to the school as quick as possible. Students, and teachers rely on their devices to get through the school day. Rug-Ed knows that.

Is there a catch? Nope. Schiller has seen multiple iPads come back crushed by cars and the worst one to date was when a student used the iPad in the case for target practice for his pellet gun. The iPad was shot 7 times but with the case firmly intact the iPad was replaced, no questions asked. That’s a bold show of faith for their product.

They make it reasonably affordable for any school or district and as with most companies the more cases you buy the higher the volume discount. But with Rug-Ed the headache is virtually gone. Schiller and the entire company believe that the bureaucracy involved in deductible based insurance programs as well as the time and resource they waste, are detrimental to learning, and they are.

So to make life easier, if you’re deploying iPads, get Rug-Ed cases and don’t worry any longer. Check out the video above and for more info visit