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ISTE 2017: Here’s Why Your District Needs Rug-Ed

bloxles2-e1498446454335 ISTE 2017: Here's Why Your District Needs Rug-Ed ISTE 17: Protect Your District Investment With Rug-Ed

Rug-Ed-case-top ISTE 2017: Here's Why Your District Needs Rug-Ed

Our 9 year old EdTech reporter, Tatum F, is a little clumsy when it comes to technology. She’s had an iPad since she was three years old and she’s been covering ISTE since she was six. Even though she’s been surrounded by technology her entire life, she still manages to break an iPad once a year. It’s a fact of life around the offices.

Tatum is like most kids though. Most kids get so involved with what they’re doing on their iPad or their school iPad that they sometimes knock them off a table, or drop them out of their hands.

Thankfully there’s Rug-Ed. Rug-Ed, at, has thought of everything when it comes to protecting iPads in the classroom.

bISTEAd_s1_06017-728x90-1 ISTE 2017: Here's Why Your District Needs Rug-EdRug-Ed starts with an iPad case that’s, well, rugged. The case totally enclosed the iPad and there’s a tempered glass screen protector protecting the screen. The iPad case has a handle and a strap. If students are moving about the school with their iPads, they can rest assured that with Rug-Ed protection, the likeliness of even dropping the iPad is lower.

Now not everyone is perfect and Rug-Ed know this so in addition to being the premiere iPad protection system they’re also the premiere iPad accidental damage system as well. Rug-Ed offers a zero deductible repair program for schools and districts. They know that iPads are critical to learning so their repair service is efficient, thorough and fast.  If the damage to the iPad occurred in the Rug-Ed case and isn’t water damage, then your iPad can be repaired in Rug-Ed’s repair service. It’s a two step system, send the iPad in for repair, and you get it back in it’s Rug-Ed case, lickity split.

Rug-Ed is on hand at ISTE 2017 all week long in San Antonio, through June 28th. Visit with them at booth #2657 and online at