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School Messenger, The Leader In School Messaging Solutions, Adds New App [VIDEO]

banner School Messenger, The Leader In School Messaging Solutions, Adds New App [VIDEO]ISTE 2017: We Talk With School Messenger About The New School Messenger App

Thinking back a decade or two, you may remember thinking you got away with cutting school to go to the mall. Only to arrive home and find out that mom get an automated message “Your student, was not present in homeroom today”. Nailed, not with a call from the Principal, Vice Principal or teacher but from an automated service, provided by School Messenger. That’s how the company got their name. School Messenger began with automated messaging systems to alert parents about truant and tardy students.

“I was employee number one and we started with modems and systems that would call parents to let them know their son or daughter hadn’t made it to school” Nate Brogan, Senior Vice President for Interactive Services told at ISTE 2017. “Administrators would want to distribute more information, like announcements and events at school, the modems kept getting bigger and bigger” he added.

Tens of thousands of schools adopted this technology back in the 90’s before computers could automate the process. Of course as technology got better the modems got smaller and smaller and now computer systems manage everything. School Messenger is about so much more than attendance. Principals use the system to inform parents of early dismissals, snow cancellations and assemblies. School Messenger is also in the emergency notification business, trusted by schools from coast to coast to inform parents and guardians of lock downs and security situations. Communication between school and parent is key for the company that’s been in the category the longest.

rug-ed-iste-banner School Messenger, The Leader In School Messaging Solutions, Adds New App [VIDEO]Now, they’ve added an app which allows parents to talk back. Teachers, administrators and even district level employees can engage with parents 1:1, in small groups, campus or district wide. Teachers can use the app to schedule parent teacher conferences or make sure that an assignment was reviewed and signed. The days of running home, forging a parents signature and deleting messages from an answering machine are over.

The SchoolMessenger App and their apps services reach beyond notifications and parental engagement. The team at SchoolMessenger Solutions knows how powerful a school app is for the students, teachers and community. That’s why they offer white label services and custom app design for schools across the country.  They offer easy app building, plugging a school’s information, website and social media into a pre-designed template, and if a school wants something more custom, SchoolMessenger will design the app from the bottom up, incorporating SchoolMessenger’s communication technology as well.

SchoolMessenger Solutions knows communication. You can find out more at