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ISTE 17: schoolhacks’s LiFT Puts Students At The Center of Their Learning

ISTE 2017: LiFT Is The Platform For Personalized and Competency Based Learning

schoolhack-lift-ISTE2017-top ISTE 17: schoolhacks's LiFT Puts Students At The Center of Their Learning

There’s a shift going on in the learning space. The shift is a movement to more competency based and personal learning. The folks at schoolhack, a Vermont based EdTech startup, have created a robust platform that puts the student at the center of their learning experience. This is great for students that are working on their own special projects, schools with a more competency based focus and even creating, monitoring and managing PLP’s.

LiFT is the hub for student centered learning. The folks at schoolhack aren’t just using today’s favorite educational buzzwords. From the top down, LiFT’s platform has the student first. The idea is to get a better idea of who the student really is. Once you can bring the students world into the educational experience it becomes one existence. They do this by concentrating on key areas:

  • Learner voice and engagement through ongoing interest surveys, learner profile and engagement data.
  • Building on interests through skill identification, career exploration, course planning, community partnerships, guidance and advisory tools.
  • Personalized and relevant curriculum that involves formative feedback, custom rubrics, performance assessments and competency tracking

All of this data is gathered and shared through tools on the LiFT platform. Students can assess their own skill levels and teachers can evaluate behind them. Students also list their personal interests and even track how involved they are with those interests. With the teacher and the student working together through LiFT, competencies are evaluated and checked off and they ultimately reach graduation and success.

The system allows the students to set goals for themselves and the teachers to set goals for them as well. Both the student and the teacher can evaluate how the student is doing on his or her goals, then the teacher knows when to step in with feedback and other support. There is also a really interesting feature called Local. In Local, students can be matched with internships, jobs and mentorships that are in line with their interests and in their communities. A video on the schoolhacks website shows how a high school student used LiFT to get an internship sugaring and turned that opportunity into a post graduation job.

What’s most inspiring about the LiFT platform is that they realize that every student is different. The system is designed to work outside the box. In some ways it’s bringing values and ideas from home schooling, unschooling and Montessori and making it possible to implement in other environments.

You can check out LiFT by schoolhacks in the EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #2132 and online at