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Meet Oodle At ISTE 2017

ISTE 2017: Smith System To Unveil Oodle In San Antonio

Oodle-top Meet Oodle At ISTE 2017

The new K12 oodle stool line from Smith System features interchangeable, stack-and-lock sections. Oodle is the industry’s first stool-type seating that lets users choose stationary seating or 10 degrees of multi-directional rocking, by simply unlocking and flipping an insert disc 180 degrees. See a video of how oodle works at (photo: Smith System)

Oodle is a cool, cute, innovative solution to student seating. Oodle is a movement optional stool solution that is truly versatile. Students come in all shapes an sizes. The classroom functions best when everyone can participate and that means students need to be comfortable and all of them need to be able to see.

That’s why Smith System partnered with award winning designers, Charlie Patterson and Joe Ricchio of Ricchio Design. They knew they wanted to create a movement optional stool, but they wanted it to be bold, fun and easy to use. That’s exactly what they got.

Oodle features a 17″ of seating surface, that means students big and small can enjoy the comfort of Oodle. Each cylinder in the Oodle locks to the next one so it’s safe whether students are sitting one Oodle high or four.  It’s built on an innovative rocker base. The rocker base can be flipped upside down to sit stationary or right side up to allow movement. The best part is that Oodle’s are stackable that means shorter kids can stack an extra Oodle and be on the same eye level as the taller kids an the teacher. This makes Oodle perfect for collaboration in a lecture setting, or around a table.

Oodle-2 Meet Oodle At ISTE 2017“Unlike other products on the market, oodle is a universal solution for K12 learning environments. It’s a simple, comfortable way to support student choice and reduce the amount of improvised seating,” Michael Risdall, Smith Systems Director of Marketing said in a statement.

When Smith Systems went to work on creating the best stool for the classroom they wanted to make sure it was as easy to use as it was cool. The stackable technology means that teachers don’t have to spend time fiddling with levers an cranks to get students up or down to the right height.

“Previously, school furniture designed to allow student movement either didn’t have a strictly stationary option, or it was essentially adult-sized exercise equipment or office furniture modified to fit a K12 student,” Joe Ricchio explained. “Oodle is right-sized, meant for today’s flexible classroom, and provides a universal option for customized seating.”

The look is simple an modern. Oodle will look good in any classroom. They’ve designed Oodle to be as comfortable for the teacher as theyare for the students.

Take Oodle for a test drive at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #435 and meet Oodle online at