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ISTE 17: Teachers Can Make Brilliant Multi Touch Lessons With Snowflake

ISTE 2017: Feature Packed Snowflake MultiTeach Is Must Have Software For Every Teacher With A Multi-Touch Display

Snowflake-top ISTE 17: Teachers Can Make Brilliant Multi Touch Lessons With Snowflake

If your future focused classroom has a ClearTouch display or another multi-touch display, at the front of the room, you’re going to want to check this out. Snowflake MultiTeach is like nitro for your multi-touch display. It’s a feature packed software suite specifically designed for education. When the folks at NUITEQ (Natural User Interface Technologies) developed Snowflake MultiTeach they thought about everything a teacher would need in the classroom.

Zones is one of the biggest features in MultiTeach. There’s a lot of real estate available on a 65″ multi-touch display, even more so if you’re lucky enough to have an 86″ model. With Zones, the multi-touch display can be divided into individual areas for multiple students. Each student can be working on his or her own independent lesson or activity, or all of the students can be working on the same activity, in different parts. Zones is a truly unique game changer for classrooms with multi-touch.

snowflake-ss2 ISTE 17: Teachers Can Make Brilliant Multi Touch Lessons With SnowflakeLessons Online is a lesson development platform that allows teachers to create lessons that harness the true powers of a multi-touch display, right from their own smartphone, tablet or computer. Teachers can create lessons in a variety of ways with interactive videos, and animations that move across the screen in a variety of ways. Lessons Online also allows teachers to design lessons that have multi-touch input factored right in.

If your multi-touch display is a ClearTouch board, lesson can be created for when the board is positioned flat, like a table. That’s great for teachers who want to create interactive games or geography lessons.

Like many lesson creation software packages, NUITEQ’s Lessons Online has the ability to share lessons to Google or Microsoft Classroom. There’s also a teacher community where teachers can share and exchange lessons and ideas about how to maximize Snowflake Multi-Teach and create brilliant multi touch lessons.

Check out Snowflake MultiTeach with ClearTouch at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #2944 and online at