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The World Is Your Field Trip With FieldTripZoom

fieldtripzoom-iste2018-top The World Is Your Field Trip With FieldTripZoomISTE 2018 Preview: FieldTripZoom Gives Your Teachers and Students A World Of Field Trips

Some believe that virtual reality has brought the world to the student through virtual field trips, but when you look at the content available on any of the major VR for education platforms, you’ll find yourself gravely disappointed. How many times can your students go to space or visit Mt. Rushmore?

An EdTech startup out of Michigan called Field Trip Zoom is the true provider of virtual field trips. In some cases offering 50x more content than their VR counterparts. This is done because the virtual field trip is far more than a field trip in a box.

FieldtripZoom has partnered with some amazing content providers like; Liberty Science Center, SpacePort America, The National Building Museum and countless others. Where virtual reality gives you a 360 video of something, FieldTripZoom really provides field trips without students having to leave their seats.

You see, field trips have always been about more than just what kids are seeing they’ve been about kids are doing as well. I’ll give you an example, if your students went on a field trip to the science center maybe they would do a static electricity activity. With FieldtripZoom students won’t leave their school building. They’ll watch the field trip presenter in their classroom and then work on the activity, something that just couldn’t be provided from a VR company.

FieldTripZoom knows educators and teachers and that’s why they’ve developed a few different ways to work into your curriculum. They offer “FieldTripZoom Zone” their content service that streams educational events for multiple classrooms. With this option FieldTripZoom gives educators a calendar of livestreaming activities that they can tune into. Ahead of the actual field trip teachers can get the materials they need to make it a truly interactive experience.

In FieldTripZoom Class teachers and educators can choose field trips a la carte from FieldTripZoom’s menu. Using FieldTripZoom instead of traditional field trips, students can go more places without a huge price tag.

FieldTripZoom also has a collaboration platform that makes it easy for two teachers in two different schools to collaborate with all of their students.

You can find out more FieldTripZoom in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1644 and online at fieldtripzoom.com 

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