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ISTE 2017: zSpace Redefines Mixed Reality In The Classroom

ISTE 17: zSpace Offers Teachers An Immersive and New Way To Teach

zspace-top ISTE 2017: zSpace Redefines Mixed Reality In The Classroom

zSpace, a Sunnyvale California mixed reality startup is redefining mixed reality in the classroom. They’re offering teachers an entirely new way to teach that engages students even more than headset based virtual reality. The zSpace station is a large, camera enabled screen that connects to PCs. Teachers use stylus pens and 3d glasses to see the screen come to life. With the glasses on frogs can jump off the screen, butterflies can fly off the screen and planets can orbit right in front of a students eyes.

Students and teachers can manipulate the 3D images on the zSpace station by using the stylus. In one anatomy example a human heart shows up in front of the students. They can then move it around and see the entire heart. They can even pull back the layers of the heart as they go through the curriculum that explains each layers name and function. Now student can dissect a frog without the smell or the mess.

“In this virtual reality, we’re not bound by things like materials, gravity here on Earth or air friction, so the kids are able to see physical concepts that we learn and talk about, but they can’t see,” said Egan Junior High eighth-grade science teacher Andrea Olarig, whose classroom has about half a dozen zSpace stations told the LA Times. They can set up experiments “that I wouldn’t be able to set up for them in class.”

zspace-butterfly ISTE 2017: zSpace Redefines Mixed Reality In The ClassroomScience teachers worried about the combustion from that chemistry experiment can rest assured that the material is taught and the students have fun learning it without using dangerous bunsen burners.  zSpace isn’t just about science, teachers can choose from a wide variety of lessons covering; the arts, ELA, physical science, geography, life science, earth and space science, social science, mathematics and engineering design.

Virtual Reality headset programs offered from companies like Veative and Nearpod offer great experiences for students. They also offer the ability for students to go on field trips to places like the moon, but with zSpace there’s still an active learning environment while the students are experiencing mixed reality.

In addition to the unique hardware and software platform zSpace offers nearly twenty apps that cover everything from the elements, to anatomy, to that dissecting frog and beyond. Even teachers without technical expertise can quickly learn how to use zSpace. The company also offers a wide range of professional development that covers both the hardware and the lessons.

Over 500 schools and districts are using zSpace, already. Find out why and get a hands on look at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #3519 and online at