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Father Of E-Learning To Host 160 Learning Conversations At Learning 2017 Conference

Elliott Masie’s Learning 2017 to Host 160 Exciting Learning Conversations.

learning2016-top Father Of E-Learning To Host 160 Learning Conversations At Learning 2017 Conference

Conference host and the father of “e-learning” playing piano at Learning 2017 (photo: Deidre Crowley via Twitter)

Elliott Masie has been in the e-learning industry since it’s inception. In fact, several news outlets, and industry pundits have credited Mr. Masie with coining the phrase “e-learning”, an off-shoot, and cooler sounding way to say “online learning”. Nowadays (and 20+ years later), e-learning encompasses just about any kind of distance learning from Kindergarten to workforce learning.

Alway the innovator, Masie began his career in the 1980’s teaching lay people how to use computers. Now you may take that for granted today, especially if you’re reading this on any kind of i-device, but trust us when we say, that was no easy task. Today, e-learning has shifted to the primary way most people learn, again from kindergarten to work force learning. After initial adoption technology greatly improves learning by giving access to learners everywhere an equal playing field and more.

Now a corporate class of Amazon middle managers in Seattle can learn at the same time and with the same content as their counter parts in London, Dublin and Tokyo.

Learning as a whole continues to evolve, and most likely, in the coming years (not decades), we will see e-learning totally take over. Poster boards, note cards, loose leaf paper, heck even yellow legal pads, are in danger of becoming extinct. As learning has innovated so has Masie and his cohort of players that put on the annual Learning conference. This year’s conference in Orlando Florida is October 22-25th and features Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, John Lithgow and Richard Culatta, plus many more as keynote speakers.

“We’re gathering over 1,600 colleagues from around the world at Learning 2017 to have some key conversations about the Challenges of Workplace Learning. Our Design Model for Learning 2017 involves dynamic development of a wide range of session and activity choices. We are in the final stages of formatting over 160 choices for Learning 2017 participants,” said Elliott Masie, Host & Curator.

In addition to those speakers, and some great service providers and vendors in the supplier showcase, Learning 2017 will host 160 learning including these topics:

  • Agile Learning Development: Wins, Fails & Lessons Learned (Capital One, Bloomberg)
  • Amateur Videos for Engagement (Mount Sinai Health System)
  • Learning Strategy vs. Business Strategy: The Digital Connection (PwC)
  • Digital Distractions & Learning? (30 Under 30)
  • Cyber, Terror & Emergency Disruption Readiness (Learning CONSORTIUM)
  • Making a MARK on Your Organization (Yahoo)
  • More Variety = Improved Learning Outcomes (Herman Miller)
  • Prove It! Measuring SMARTER to Show Business Relevance (Cisco)
  • Ice-Ice-Breakers…& Other Engagement Activities! (Keurig Green Mountain)
  • Two-Way Coaching: A Grassroots Way to Grow Your Employees (State Auto Insurance)
  • Using Improv Techniques to Boost Creativity in Your Team! (Garney Construction)

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