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Adaptive Learning From Area 9 Is A More Effective Workforce Learning Solution

Personalizing Learning With An Adaptive Learning Platform Can Maximize Business Impact

Area9-top Adaptive Learning From Area 9 Is A More Effective Workforce Learning Solution

Corporate training at any sized company can be challenging. Many company’s are still using outdated technology if they’re using technology at all. But as millennials age into the workforce it puts a new challenge in the hands of the corporate training and learning department, make training relevant both content wise and technologically. You’re going to be hardpressed to find a  millennial that can sit through a power point presentation or even worse, a flipchart. If your trainer looks like Milton from Office Space, you’re challenge increases.

At an upcoming conference on workforce learning in Orlando Florida there will be hundreds of companies representing both sides of the workforce learning equation, providers and implementors.

Companies from Walmart to Coca Cola have attended this and conferences like it to find the latest greatest in not just technology but practices to insure that every company has more engagement in their corporate learning.

Adaptive learning is a term we are seeing a lot more of lately from K-12 to Higher Ed to Workforce Learning. Area 9 has created the most robust adaptive learning platform in the enterprise space. Area 9’s adaptive learning platform provides the ultimate in personalization.

“No two brains are alike. Area9’s adaptive platform combines cognitive neuroscience and computer science with your content to cut training time in half, guarantee proficiency and make lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.” the company says on their website.

Every brain is different that’s why Area 9’s AI infused, biological adaptive learning platform succeeds in workforce and enterprise environments where other learning platforms don’t. Personalizing learning is the best way for the learner to absorb the content and information at any level. But having a private 1:1 tutor for corporate learning would be an astronomical expense.

As the learner engages with the content, Area 9’s platform learns the learner. Their smart biological adaptive learning engine is able to deep dive into the material, the learner and the grasp of the content which can uncover things like unconscious incompetence. That’s when a company’s employees think they know something but in fact they really don’t. This goes a lot deeper than an employee saying they know or learned something and lying, this is when the employee and then by proxy their supervisor, thinks they have a skill but actually don’t.

Say you’re a big box retailer and an e-learning module taught an employee that when they upstock large bottles of laundry detergent there needs to be a slip mat before the pallet. What if the e-learning module said that the slip matt needed to be on all of the laundry detergent pallets not just the large bottles. Months go by and you think the worker is doing a great job, after all the upstock is aesthetically appealing and you think, out of harms way. Come to find he or she didn’t put a matt on the medium bottles and one falls. The employee and the supervisor genuinely believed they knew the material.

Little nuances like the one I just described can equate to 40% of unconscious incompetence. Area 9 makes sure those little nuances don’t happen.

Want to learn more, you can find Area 9 check them out online or in Orlando October 22-25th.