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Learning 2017 Preview: Is Your Enterprise LMS Millennial Ready? Brightspace Is.

Brightspace For Enterprise Is Reinventing Corporate Learning

D2L-learning2017-top Learning 2017 Preview: Is Your Enterprise LMS Millennial Ready? Brightspace Is.

Millennials are graduating from college and into the workforce at a rapid speed. Through many of their college careers and some of their high school and grade school careers, Brightspace, the LMS (learning management system) from D2L, has been along for the ride. Learning management systems help corporations, businesses, universities and schools roll out, and administer e-learning at whatever scale they need.

LMS systems control content flow, coursework and make administering e-learning on the backend a breeze. D2L (Desire2Learn) has known this for quite some time that’s what makes their Brightspace LMS one of the most popular in the world. While there were corporations using Brightspace as is for a while now,, last year the company introduced an official “Brightspace for Enterprise” solution.

Millennials grew accustomed to interactive immersive digital content in school delivered via LMS systems, including Brightspace. When they found themselves in workforce training it was often delivered via a dated powerpoint slide presentation, which was hard pressed to capture their engagement.

Enterprise online learning creators are plagued with two huge issues, content and delivery. How engaging can a training session on OSHA standards really be? As for the delivery part though, that’s easy, thanks to D2L and Brightspace.

Brighstpace incorporates corporate and workforce training and learning with tools that millennials know and love like:

  • Social, Mobile and Video Content that can be easily created, shared and accessed anywhere.
  • Game-Based Learning and Simulations deliver content in compelling methods to engage users.
  • Learning Analytics measure engagement and predict learner success.
  • Personalized and Informal Learning delivers adaptive content based on employee progress.

Brighstpace For enterprise is customizable and scalable. If your company’s approach to e-learning is just one massive multi-part seminar Brightspace can accommodate that. If the approach you want to take is micro lessons or a quick, easy to master training module for a variety of tasks, Brightspace is equipped to handle that as well. That’s the approach Walmart took as they were one of the first Fortune 100 companies to use Brightspace for Enterprise.

“We are contending with an LMS platform change in addition to content changes as we shift to focus on micro learning because we believe this is the most effective approach for our employees,” Steven Turner, Senior Manager, Learning Technology, Walmart said last year during the launch for Brightspace for Enterprise. “By providing small but highly consumable chunks of information to associates, they can learn in an easy-to-digest manner. From Wikipedia-esque material, to social media, to YouTube™, we’re incorporating external and internal forms of multimedia content into our LMS platform so that our associates always have the right content at the right time.”

Companies use Brightspace for Enterprise for:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales and Channel Enablement
  • Continued Education
  • Corporate University

Schools and universities that use Brightspace are accustomed to their deep diving analytics. With Brightspace for Enterprise the same analytic abilities are there but used for things that matter to employers like employee engagement and comprehension of the lessons. All of these tools, built into Brightspace make it a single solution for e-learning at the corporate and workforce level.

You can learn about new advancements in enterprise and workforce using Brightspace at Learning 2017 in Orlando Florida October 22-25th during their Supplier Session and online at D2L.com 

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