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Learning 2017 Preview: Gamification In The Work Place, Meet Karl Kapp

Where Is The Intersection of Games, Gamification and Workforce Learning? Find Out At Learning 2017

karlkapp-laerning2017-top Learning 2017 Preview: Gamification In The Work Place, Meet Karl Kapp

Elliot Masie’s annual Learning conference already has the reputation of being a roll up your sleeves (or just come in short sleeves), get interactive and have fun event. It’s like no other conference you’ve ever attended, especially one about workforce learning and training. Normally those topics are good for a nap or two but not for showman Masie and his cohort of learning enablers. Masie is often credited with coining the term “e-learning” he’s also credited with making it fun. At the conference attendees will sing, dance, interact oh and change the tire in a pit crew challenge. That’s just in the conference walls, there are some amazing extra curriculars as well.  But the fun doesn’t stop when attendees head home from the Orlando International Airport.

Karl Kapp, a returning speaker to Masie’s Learning conference, is an expert on the crossroads of games, gamification and learning. He has a brilliant take on how to use games, gaming and gamification to actually get learners to learn more. This isn’t just for school either. Kapp’s best practices and ideas work for workforce training as well.

People learn more when it’s fun, it’s proven and it works anywhere. Why do you think Southwest Airlines has so many passengers engaged in their safety instructions?

Kapp is the author of six books on the subject of interactive learning and gamification in learning including; The Gamification of Learning and Instruction and its accompanying how-to-book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook. He’s also the Director of Bloomsburg University’s Institute For Interactive Technologies and the author of several Lynda.com courses on the subject.

Like many, Kapp believes that making lessons and courses more interactive, and well more fun, more learning is actually done. Gone are the days of traditional how to videos and sleepy seminars. Masie was one of the most sought after computer trainers in the 80’s and 90’s partly because he was employing some gamification in his teaching before gamification was even a thing. It’s obvious that Kapp and Masie are cut from the same cloth.

If you find your employees are knodding off in corporate trainings or you just want to find more ways to keep them engaged, whether it’s a four person refresher or a massive assembly of 5,000 or more, Kapp will get you thinking and motivated.

You can hear him speak at Learning 2017 in Orlando October 22-25th and find out more here at his blog Kapp Notes