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Learning 2017 Preview: Articulate 360 Is Everything You Need To Create Compelling E-Learning Courses

Articulate, The #1 Name In E-Learning Creation, Puts It All Together With Articulate 360

articulate-learning2017-top Learning 2017 Preview: Articulate 360 Is Everything You Need To Create Compelling E-Learning Courses

Even with his vision for innovation in learning when Elliott Masie coined the phrase “e-learning” in the 1990’s he probably didn’t envision what it has become today, at least not this soon. E-Learning is taking over education from Kindergarten to work force learning. More and more institutions be it elementary schools or Fortune 100 companies, have turned to e-learning because it’s quicker, faster, interactive and easy to understand.

It’s been proven time and time again that the richer the e-learning content, the more engaged the learner gets, especially in the corporate or workforce world. Employees and managers who’ve been working all year long, don’t want to take a break from their day to day tasks to learn through something that looks like it was created in Power Point 97.

Great E-Learning courses incorporate:

  • beautiful feature rich design
  • easy to understand prompts
  • the ability to learn at your own pace
  • multimedia
  • Assessment and review for the instructor
  • buy in from all of the stake holders

Having that kind of content created, in a form that’s appealing to all, could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trying to create that content in house could take weeks, months or years. Until now.

articulate-2 Learning 2017 Preview: Articulate 360 Is Everything You Need To Create Compelling E-Learning CoursesArticulate, the number one name in e-learning creation tools has created Articulate 360 a subscription model platform that incorporates all of the well known Articulate e-learning course creation tools, and even debuted some new ones. The subscription model means that Articulate is always adding more content, more features and more options for every institution, university or company.  Whether you’re creating entire curriculums, staff training modules or even sports instruction, Articulate 360 has the tools you need to create amazing e-learning courses.

Articulate’s Founder and CEO, Adam Schwartz, and the team at Articulate know that a lot of e-learning creation tools were created for K-12 and they just don’t meet the demanding needs of instructors in learners in other environments. They also know that learning and training is just as important to the HVAC shop down the road with 10 employees as it is to a Fortune 100 Company.

While the theory of e-learning may seem simple enough, creation involves a lot of moving parts. E-learning creators need compelling visual assets. They need to make sure that learners, no matter what device they are using, can participate. Of course e-learning creators need amazing tools that will help them create compelling, interactive, media rich content for their courses.

Articulate simplifies every aspect of course development.  They’ve included all of their authoring tools like Story Line and their new web based creation tool Rise that will help create lessons in hours instead of days. Articulate 360 is Windows, Mac and iPad compatible.  Articulate 360 users will also get access to their award winning content library with over 1 million customizable assets. Articulate has also made it easy for multiple stakeholders to collaborate while creating an e-learning course through their review and feedback app.

When you get stuck or want to know more Articulate 360 gives users access to online training and help from E-Learning Heroes the number one community for e-learning creators.

You can learn more about Articulate 360 at their Supplier Showcase session at Learning 2017 in Orlando October 22-25th and here at articulate.com