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Degreed For Enterprise Is Built To Empower The Learner

Learning2017 Preview: Degreed For Enterprise Is Built To Empower The Learner

Degreed-Learning2017-top Degreed For Enterprise Is Built To Empower The Learner

You know the old saying, knowledge is power. Well Degreed is known for knowledge, that’s why they call themselves the “lifelong learning platform”. Degreed is the best way for people to manage their own personal learning at their own pace with millions of resources at their fingertips.

With Degreed for Me, their personal edition, learners can manage their learning goals and receive curated doses of learning based on individual learning goals, social recommendations, trending topics and thought leaders. Learners have progress tracking and analytics that let’s each individual know how far they’ve come with their learning goals. The entire system is built for the learner.

With Degreed For Enterprise that doesn’t change. Where many learning management systems for enterprise are focused on the goals of the HR department, Degreed is still focused on the learner.

They help organizations empower and measure all learning. Employers can see everything that employees are learning. This puts the power of learning in the hands of the employees. You can track, measure and share the formal learning and the informal learning, going beyond the mandatory learning.

Imagine a learning portal for enterprise that actually has employees craving more. That doesn’t typically happen in workforce learning and corporate training. Now, after an employee completes a learning module, or course for their employer they can dive deeper or even use their own time to study something that they want to improve on personally. Not only will employees and managers in your organization learn the material that they need for work but they could pick up a new skill, maybe a new language, improve themselves and their value to your company.

On top of all that, because Degreed For Enterprise is built to empower the learner that employee actually learns how to learn better and more efficiently. Now the next time they take a training module, or formal learning, they will become more proficient in the material, faster.

Degreed solves a variety of problems with workforce learning.

  • An over abundance of content: Degreed can help the learner stay focused with the content you want them to learn and then allow them to explore other topics on their own time.
  • Informal learning is brought under the Degreed for Enterprise platform, this means that as an employer you can see what the employees are learning. Do you have an employee exploring Spanish, computer science or marketing, those may be skills that prove to make the employee more valuable down the line.
  • HR has too many platforms and vendors to keep up with, with Degreed For Enterprise it’s all one platform under one roof, with one channel for payment and one customer service/support.
  • Degreed For Enterprise stops employees from juggling across multiple sources of learning. Degreed allows access to all of the popular learning providers with over 225,000 courses from over 1300 providers

You can check out degreed online here at degreed.com and at Learning 2017 in Orlando, October 22-25th.