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Learning 2017 Preview: EdCast Is The Netflix Of Knowledge

EdCast Is Your Knowledge Cloud.

edCast-top Learning 2017 Preview: EdCast Is The Netflix Of Knowledge

EdCast is a robust knowledge platform that allows your school, college or university to create their own learning cloud delivering learners the content they need, when they need it. Whether your content is home grown within the walls of your institution or your teachers are using content from thousands of resources, all of your internal learning content is brought into one easy to use platform. Couple all of that content with the content curated by EdCast and you have what could be the largest learning platform in the world.

The knowledge cloud is powered by artificial intelligence which helps make cataloging, sorting, searching and recalling any last tidbit or morsel of information an easy task.

EdCast offers a streaming service that hundreds of universities around the world are taking advantage of. Unlike other streaming services, EdCast is streaming content for learners in bite sized, easy to absorb morsels, designed to compliment the classroom environment.

At the nucleus of EdCast is a transformative way of learning and gaining knowledge via everyone’s self taught social media skills.

“There is not a single social media site that’s focused on knowledge networking,” Karl Mehta, EdCast’s CEO told TechCrunch when they launched in 2015. “Everybody needs to learn every day in a social way. We are building knowledge networking.”

EdCast is changing the way people learn and making it easier for people to learn more. They aren’t just an education company for schools though. EdCast has lot’s of corporate, enterprise and Fortune 500 companies that utilize their platform to create their own knowledge cloud’s within their own organizations.

The venture backed, Silicon Valley edtech startup is taking their AI technology very seriously. Earlier this summer they announced the acquisition of Sociative Inc, a company that has developed highly focused content-discovery technology, using topical influencers, personalization and machine learning. Mehta knows that the future of learning is pillared on AI, personalization and machine learning.

“We are excited to welcome the Sociative team to EdCast to grow our AI and machine learning expertise,” Mehta said. “The future of knowledge and learning is about deep personalization and contextualization, so that learning and working can become more fully integrated.”

EdCast will be talking about their technology and the future of education at their own Future Learning Summit later this month. Then, October 22-25th you can find them at the Learning 2017 conference in Orlando where they’ll hold a supplier showcase session highlighting their newest features.

Find out more about EdCast here at EdCast.com