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OpenSesame Is The iTunes of eLearning

Learning 2017 Preview: OpenSesame Offers Over 20,000 elearning courses, making it the iTunes of elearning

opensesame-learning2017-top OpenSesame Is The iTunes of eLearning

Whether you’re a continuing education institution, a corporate trainer, run a corporate university program or your just thirsty for knowledge, OpenSesame is the premiere name when it comes to on-demand e-learning. They offer 20,000+ courses all from the top publishers in the world covering every topic imaginable, all available instantly, on demand.

OpenSesame’s 20,000 courses are spread into 130 categories in six areas; business skills, safety, compliance, technology, industry specific learning, and certifications. So whether you want to brush up on leadership skills or get certified in server administration, they’ve got it for you.

Finding the perfect course on OpenSesame is as easy as finding a song or album to download on iTunes. Everything is easily searchable and when you find a topic your interested in, click on it and you’ll find a description and reviews. If you’re not familiar with the publisher you’ll be able to see more titles from them, but all of OpenSesame’s courses come from respected publishers and they are vetted before they are added to the marketplace.

opensesame-SS-2 OpenSesame Is The iTunes of eLearningOpenSesame allows trainers, HR departments, and CIO’s to buy courses outright without having to pay a subscription or re-curring licensing fee. From there the courses can be added to any of the popular learning management systems (LMS), and voila your training program or corporate university is ready to go. Plus, Open Sesame is constantly updating content and making sure that their online course versions are the most up to date.

OpenSesame comes from a background in elearning, education and workforce training. “While running an LMS for the trade industry, we were frustrated by the lack of compelling content and grueling sales process to gain access to courses. We recognized the innovative techniques being used in the digital media realm and realized a similar process could be used to empower businesses to create a custom course catalog for their employee development.” the company says.

The company also knows that time is a very valuable resource. Most people have very little time to devote to training and elearning, OpenSesame prides themselves on being both easy and speedy when it comes to helping you custom create your elearning curriculum.

You can find out more about OpenSesame at opensesame.com and at the Learning 2017 conference in Orlando, October 22-25.

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