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2Sens Is Bringing AR To The Masses See Them This Week At Mobile World Congress

2sens-mwc2018-top 2Sens Is Bringing AR To The Masses See Them This Week At Mobile World CongressMWC 2018: Israeli Startup 2Sens Is Bringing Augmented Reality To The Masses

Augmented Reality is one of the fastest rising technologies in the world, ever. It’s surpassed virtual reality in many ways because the technology makes it easy to interact with than it’s VR counterparts. With augmented reality, the end user doesn’t need a headset or goggles. From a hardware perspective, the most one needs to enjoy or become immersed in an augmented reality experience is a smartphone. In some cases, no device is needed at all.

Five years ago the major smartphone manufacturers, including HTC and LG, experimented with bringing 3D cameras to market via the smartphone. For the most part those technologies failed. The world just wasn’t ready. Fast forward five years though, and all we hear about is augmented reality and virtual reality. In the last big Apple reveal, when they brought out the iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X, augmented reality played heavily into the presentation. Niantic made AR a household phenomenon with Pokemon Go, which is still one of the most widely played games in history.

The problem with bringing the ability to create AR experiences to the consumer is that most technologies that attempted to do this, did it on a flat image. You could put AR characters into an environment but you couldn’t maneuver them around objects or behind anything. Part of the magic of augmented reality is the 3d nature of the augmented images.

In most cases, producing mixed reality content with birds flying around your head, or that animated character hiding behind a car or a keyboard, would involve paying a VR/AR studio thousands of dollars. Moshe Meyassed and his team at 2Sens have been working on making mixed reality accessible to the masses.

That quest starts with the 2Sens camera attachment for smart phones which makes mixed reality truly mixed. The camera attachment connects to any smartphone and instantly turns your phone into a mixed reality studio camera. Now you can add animations, objects and other things to your videos. You can actually place them where you want in the video. In the explainer video at the bottom of this story he shows you how the cute green alien goes from on top of his desk to on his desk, specifically on his keyboard where he dances around the keys. This isn’t possible without true mixed reality technology.

Content created with the 2Sens camera can be displayed in full 3D VR with any of the popular virtual reality headsets or virtual reality headset adapters for smartphones. What makes this even better for the masses is that, with a click of a button the content can go 2D and be displayed on any smart phone. Just like the video below, the objects added to the video are still seen in their proper places.

Mixed reality brings amazing opportunity to movies, cinematic features, sports videos, explainer videos, marketing videos and more. With the 2Sens camera you capture your own content in 3D and create in four simple steps:

  • Connect the 2Sens dual camera
  • Capture moments in 3D like you would with your normal smartphone camera
  • 2Sens technology automatically processes the content in 3D and 2D
  • Share, the content can be shared and played on any virtual reality headset or smartphone

Meyassed explains in the video above, just how easy it is to create AR experiences with the 2Sens camera add on. Check out the video above and for more information visit 2Sens at Mobile World Congress this week, Hall 5 Stand 5E41. You can also find them on the web at 

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